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Why Batanes Is The Perfect Romantic Backdrop For Your Honeymoon

Because going out of the country has become more aspirational yet affordable, it has become fashionable and easy for newlyweds to spend their honeymoons abroad. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own destinations cut out for romance. El Nido offers the best beaches and lakes and lagoons. Bohol’s shores offer the same allure, coupled with its chic hotels and inns, not to mention its heritage attractions. And then there’s Batanes, mysterious and grand, chosen setting for one of the most romantic films in local cinema: Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit, a film about love that transcends life and time. Batanes is quiet and exceedingly private to hide away in for a couple of days with the one you just swore forever to. Along the windswept cliffs and rolling hills, it’s a great backdrop for a journey just beginning. Here are five reasons why you should consider booking a flight to Batanes for your first getaway as a married couple.


1. Fantastic Quality for Fantastic Prices

Fundacion Pacita is a little cheaper and a million times more relaxing than the average Honeymoon hotel.?


It’s unavoidable – honeymoon trips can blast a hole in your wallet. Sometimes you might just be unable to afford such an expense. A trip to Batanes can be much cheaper than a honeymoon spent in, let’s say, Europe, or Japan, with honeymoon packages reaching as low as 18,000 pesos. Don’t worry, though. Quality is assured, most especially at the Fundacion Pacita, where we highly recommend you stay. An Ivatan breakfast awaits you at prices that are definitely reachable by many.


2. Disconnect From the World

Expect unbeatable peace and solitude on the beautiful island of Sabtang.?


If there’s one thing you’re really looking for on your honeymoon, it’s privacy. You don’t want your boss, your friends, your relatives bothering you with text messages and phone calls all throughout your trip. Lucky for you, Batanes is essentially off the grid. With very few pockets of WiFi all throughout the island chain and basically no signal, you won’t have to worry about anyone interrupting your private time alone with your spouse.


3. A Sense of Solitude

?Ultimate romance waits beneath the stars of the Batanes night sky.


To go with a lack of signal of any kind is an amazing lack of people. While it’s a lot cheaper than a trip abroad, a trip to Batanes is pricey enough to keep out the crowds. As you prowl the Chavayan alleys of Sabtang Island or sit amid the boulders of Valugan Beach, you’ll find your honeymoon is wonderfully undisturbed by other people, save for the locals who are, without a doubt, the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Batanes is perfect for the couple looking to fully, completely escape the hustle and bustle and who are unwilling to sweat it out alongside other tourists.


4. Breath-taking Beauty

You'll want to share the rolling hills of Marlboro Country with your special loved one.?


No matter where you go in Batanes, you’ll find yourself lost in its picturesque beauty. From the coral houses and soaring cliffs of Sabtang Islands to the dips and dives of the Naidi Hills and the lighthouse that stands on the edge of the Pacific, right the way up to the to shy, cloud-covered peak of Mount Iraya, you’ll find yourself speechless at the unmatchable, alien-like views of this Northernmost region of the Philippines.  Enjoy these sights with your spouse, and you’ll be taking home memories that will last you a lifetime together.


5. Otherworldly Relaxation

Pacific vistas await along the windswept coastline of Batanes.


Everything mentioned above comes together to give a sense of relaxation unlike anything you might experience on any other kind of trip. You won’t get the blazing heat and poolside lounging you might find at the beach, or the urban adventures of a trip across Europe. No, in Batanes it’s all about kicking it back on a balcony hanging off Fundacion Pacita with a nice cup of coffee and your loved one in your arms, listening to the howl of Pacific winds as they race over Marlboro Country. It’s the kind of otherworldly relaxation you’ll never want to leave behind.