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Here's Where You Can Find Luxe Luggage That Will Literally Take You The Extra Mile

I once had to roll my four-wheeled Tumi carry-on along the busy streets of Osaka. In which held my indispensable breast pump, and one of my travel companions commented that this pump, “must be important if it is snuggled in the Rolls Royce of luggage.” Many could not help but glance at the sleek black trolley, beautifully monogrammed with my initials in gold, and whose wheels seemed unfazed by the cobblestone paths and uneven roads. And this is the experience I always have when I travel with my Tumi pieces.

Though it is a relatively young company, having been found in 1975, Tumi has since been hailed as one of the top brands when it comes to traveling efficiently, and in style. When former Peace Corp volunteer Charlie Clifford founded the company, he was no stranger to the business because he was an importer of bags and leather goods from South America. By the early to mid-1980s, Tumi introduced the revolutionary carry-on garment bag, and launched the casual soft briefcase, giving professionals various options when it came to workplace style. Today, Tumi has branches worldwide and is a leading international business, accessory, and travel lifestyle brand. It has also launched the Tumi Global Citizens campaign, following travelers worldwide as they journey in style with their elegant, lightweight, and functional bags and luggage pieces. If there is one thing that can be said about Tumi, it’s that it is more than just a brand or a label, it is truly a lifestyle.

Locally, Tumi opened its doors under the Primer Group of Companies in 2008, having found the perfect spot on the ground floor of Greenbelt 5. Since then, it has built a loyal clientele of travelers in Manila. By 2014, it opened its first store in Cebu, in the new wing of the Ayala Center. The Greenbelt 5 store got a facelift a few years back. It was patterned after the Madison Avenue branch in NYC. Since then, clients tripled! Aside from coming for the gorgeous pieces, they were drawn to the inviting space, painted in cool hues such as whites and silvers, accented with mirrors.

Tumi’s latest collection is called the 19 Degree, which includes standard luggage sizes of small, medium, and large, but made with modern materials for efficient travel. If you prefer luggage that is lighter because you are always on the go, check out the polycarbonate pieces. If you value material that is stronger, their premier collection has aluminum pieces that are beautiful and will last a lifetime. The 19 Degree Polycarbonate comes in three colors: Black, Silver and Copper, while the aluminum comes in Matte Black and Silver.

Aside from luggage, Tumi also has a great selection of everyday bags, for men and women. Functional backpacks and briefcases, wonderful totes, and slings, to practical duffels— you can find one to suit your needs as well as your personal style. Tumi is known for smart plays on color and stunning prints. Also find other necessities such as wallets, phone cases, bag tags, packing cubes, and even outerwear for those extreme travelers.


Article originally published in Metro Society's April 2017 issue / Photographs courtesy of TUMI