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Your Perfect Luggage Match, Based On Your Travel Personality

Find out which suitcase suits your jet set style best.

The fast-paced life encourages us to always be on the go—whenever, wherever. It’s no surprise these days when you hear a friend telling someone about their recent weekend adventure in a foreign city, or you yourself raving about your best experiences in the destination of your dreams!

In the day and age of insta-connectivity and content creation, our adventures truly keep on piling up—one flight after another, and our wanderlust, literally, drives us to see more of what the world has to offer!

10 Secrets On How To Avoid Overpacking


10 Secrets On How To Avoid Overpacking

Where to next?

And who’s to blame if the earth has so many beautiful sights that we can’t miss to visit in our lifetime? Bringing our jetsetting dreams to life is essentially everyone’s goal, and to make these escapades as unforgettable as possible, we pack our best things and do just that—go!

Iconic luggage brand Samsonite understands this escalating need of people to constantly move, thus launching their latest campaign, "Born to Go", which celebrates the growing “on the go” mindset of today’s travelers. With this recent campaign comes their latest collection, and we’ve sorted their stylish luggage bags to match the kind of traveler you are. Which suitcase suits you best? It’s time to find out!

The City Hopper 

You love bright lights and the never-ending stream of people. You thrive on the frenetic pace of city life and all its happenings. You lug your suitcase around like you’ve lived on the road your whole lifetime, and it’s nothing you complain about! Whether you're packing for a company trip or trying out a tri-city adventure, you can never go wrong with a functional yet sophisticated kind of suitcase. The modern minimalist design of the Evoa fits any pro, or even beginner travelers with its anti-theft zipper feature, metallic corner guards decorated with brushed texture for protection, expandability and, yes, internal organizers! The Xylem 2.0, on the other hand, boasts of state-of-the-art features like the Aero-Trac suspension wheel system and Click-Pop TSA Combination Lock. It’s equipped with a  luxurious leather wrapped carry handle for comfort and integral corner protections for improved long-term durability, which makes hopping from one city to the next a breeze.

Xylem 2.0

The Fashion Savvy

You travel to see the sights, as well as for those numerous travel OOTDs to be posted on the ‘gram! Show off those pretty outfits you’ve planned for weeks before you flew out, and pair it with an ultra-chic suitcase, too! The brand’s iconic Cosmolite gets an upgrade, with a new bespoke Curv weave in gold and silver. But if you’re into sleeker styles that packs a punch, go for the Tri-tech!

Cosmolite FL

The Techie Traveler

Now, the nerd in you can’t be any happier to meet the Evoa Tech—the suitcase of your dreams. When you go on the road, you’ve thought of ways on how your bags can be more advanced, and here’s the answer to your call. Open your luggage with a touch of your finger with its 3-in-1 smart lock feature; never lose your bag with the Samsonite Seekit Bluetooth Tracker by Panasonic, and know your bag weight with the integrated weighing scale! Neat, isn’t it?

Evoa Tech

The Light Packer

You’re thirsty for adrenaline and there’s no stopping you from taking on the next road trip! You are a restless soul who’s fueled by the great outdoors. You’re a master of light packing, and you know the importance of bringing only what you need to minimize the hassle once you embark on your next destination. Sturdy yet light, Lite-Box will carry all your needs minus the excess weight. For backpackers, the series of Openroad bags—a multifunctional carry-on with a contemporary design—is your soulmate.


Lead photos: Patti Grandidge, Gabs Gibbs, and Tricia Centenera courtesy of Visions PR