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Remember To Pack This Essential For Your Next Summer Adventure

Stay connected and capture memories with the Vivo Y15

Your weekender bag has been pulled out of the closet. You’ve edited down your wardrobe to showcase the best of your vibrant sundresses and bathing suits. You’ve even remembered to bring sun protection! Your well-deserved and much-awaited summer holiday starts when you step outside your door. But before you go, make sure to pack the right accessory to help guide your travels, keep you connected, and capture your fun in the sun.

Of course with your emails set to an automated out-of-office response, and your team’s group chat finally muted, staying plugged in is the furthest thing from your mind. However, part of preparing for a truly rejuvenating vacation is ensuring that you have all the resources you need while you’re in the mountains, underwater, or on the road to a new discovery. In a perfect world, this preparation would require you to travel with a seasoned explorer, local expert, private secretary, and personal photographer. But in this world, it’s best to opt for an enduring, high-functioning, multi-capable gadget instead.

The Vivo Y15 is the perfect travel buddy. Regardless of where your summer, this smartphone can keep up with you, your plans, and the unexpected twists that inevitably arise on every good adventure. Take it with you as you…

Explore caves and coves in Bataan:

Explore caves and coves in Bataan

Climb cliffs in Davao:


Walk through waterfalls in Baler:


Watch the sunset in Siquijor:


Catch waves in Bicol:


Discover history in Metro Manila:


Sturdy without being cumbersome, sleek without losing its character, and stylish without being delicate, the Vivo Y15 is the ideal companion for every occasion and every terrain. Choose the Aqua Blue model reminiscent of a bright sky over clear waters, or the Burgundy red model that captures the drama of a Philippine sunset. Either way, the chic gradient styles make this the summer’s must-have accessory.

your 2020 summer essential is this smartphone 0

Just as its refreshing colors help usher in the new season, so does its cutting edge technology. Boasting a 5000mAh battery, the fast-charging Vivo Y15 is as long-lasting as some power banks. This means the uniquely enduring smartphone can stay functional for up to a day and a half without charging. Simply put: you’re free to wander off the grid without worrying about where to find the next power outlet. Adventurer or not, no one wants to have to tote the extra weight of power banks and cords. Thankfully, if you’ve been wishing for stronger battery life on all of your previous phones, the solution provided by Vivo Y15 is something you can count on.

Not only is its battery life impressive, but the smartphone has a substantial amount of storage capacity as well. With 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, you'll be able to pack your road trip playlists with offline songs, to download Netflix episodes to watch in transit, and to store all of the memories you capture throughout the summer. Of course, to capture these memories, you'll need a great camera. And of course, the Vivo Y15 delivers on this as well. Its AI Triple camera allows you to capture beautiful portraits and sceneries with its multi-mode from rear cameras that feature bokeh, panorama, and super wide angle capabilities, among others. So, when preparing for your next summer adventure, be sure to bring the right gadget with you. The Vivo Y15 will ensure that you take the right path to your destination, it will endure any unexpected detours, it will keep you connected to the world so you can access vital information as well as share your adventure with others. And it will be the first thing you reach for when you want to relive the summer fun -- whether its by scrolling through photos, replaying videos, or keeping in touch with the friends you spent it with, and the ones you met along the way.

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Photos courtesy of Choose Philippines.