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Here’s Where You Can Try The First And Only Inter-Island Zipline In The Philippines

Beached hosts Marc Nelson and Rachel Peters go to Romblon for this one-of-a-kind experience!

Every episode of Metro Channel’s travel show Beached, with hosts Marc Nelson and Rachel Peters, never fails to introduce both top destinations and hidden gems around the Philippines. And with all our time spent at home due to the ongoing global health pandemic, one can hop into a wet and wild adventure without leaving the four corners of their room—all you need to do is tune in and catch Marc and Rachel’s next escapade!

In an episode of Beached, the hosts bring viewers to another underrated site in the country—the humble province of Romblon in the MIMAROPA region. Close to Philippine hotspots Mindoro and Palawan, the secret paradise sits idly between its sister islands waiting for more people to discover its natural beauty. One of the highlights from the trip guides Marc and Rachel to a one-of-a-kind experience that you can’t try elsewhere—the ultimate zipline adventure in Biaringan Island.

The experience, which prides itself as the first and only of its kind in the Philippines, lets riders zipline from one island to another. From the jump-off point in Tablas Island, the zipline travels on a whooping 700-meter long journey to Biaringan Island, presenting a magnificent view of the turquoise waters of Brgy. Long Beach and some rock formations on the island. The best part? You get to zipline your way back, too!

As first-timers of this Romblon-exclusive activity, both hosts can't help but express their excitement in trying out this experience. Rachel shares her zipline experience in Thailand, and is thrilled to be able to try one in the country that boasts of an inter-island venture. Meanwhile, Marc expresses his delight in having to go from one island to another on air.

Watch this video to see how it went!

After the ride, Marc says, “That’s definitely one of the longest ziplines I've ever done. It’s awesome.” And seeing that they both seem to highly recommend it, we’ll be adding another item to our growing list of travel must-dos around the Philippines.