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‘Beached’ Hosts Show Us Where To Find The Philippines’ Golden South Sea Pearls

Rachel Peters and Marc Nelson visit Jewelmer Pearl Farm in Palawan.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But in the Philippines, pearls are our BFFs as our country is abundant with these gems. In Palawan, in particular, a farm pioneers in producing beautiful and world-renowned golden South Sea pearls, our country's pride that hosts Rachel Peters and Marc Nelson introduced to viewers in an episode of Beached.

Jewelmer Pearl Farm was established in 1979 by a French pearl farmer and a Filipino entrepreneur. Dedicating decades of research and biotechnology, they have perfected the art and science of breeding gold-lipped Pinctada maxima pearl oysters. Come harvesting season, their farmers yield large, lustrous, golden pearls that are distinct, making Jewelmer’s products a hit locally and globally.

The process of growing pearls is long, as we learned from Rachel and Marc’s visit to Palawan—with 377 steps to follow, to be exact. The pair watched as an employee explained the course, from feeding the baby oysters and putting them in water after a year to getting their x-ray after four years, and finally, extracting the precious golden, gemstones.

While it’s Rachel’s first time in Jewelmer Pearl Farm, Marc shares his previous trip here, citing his admiration on the business model’s sustainability—how they care for the marine environment as well as help the local community.

Watch and learn more about the Beached hosts’ trip to Jewelmer Pearl Farm in this video.


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