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Around The World With Woman Of Style (And Substance), Kim Jones

Kim Jones-Rosales has been everywhere—and we’re following her around the world to see some of her most beautiful shots and OOTDs.

As an international model, fashion influencer, and digital creator, Kim is never really just in one place. She is always with her travel bag, filled with clothes, heading to her next destination.

Many people approach travel as a way to unwind and take a break from the rigorous everyday work. This is why many look up to Kim, who can go around the world as much as she pleases. And Kim herself admits that being a jet-setter is one of the many perks of her job.



“One of the more considerable benefits of my job are the locations I'm able to visit… It's the immersion into foreign environments that I find most rewarding. During a time of severe cognitive overload thanks to cat videos (they are adorable) and jarring media headlines, I find that the best source of inspiration is through the delightful tangle and discourse of human interaction,” Kim writes on her blog.

But while her travels are indeed Instagram- and envy-worthy, she reveals to Women of Style host Joey Mead King that her place of peace and relaxation is and always be her home here in Manila with her husband, actor Jericho Rosales.



“It’s kind of baliktad. I travel so much, but it’s for work. So when I come back, that’s when I get to relax, that’s when I get to switch off,” she shares during her episode on Women of Style.

Since most of Kim’s time is spent working and socializing, the self-proclaimed introvert-extrovert admits that her personal rhythm is really taking a breather, tucked inside their home. She says, “If I’m in a social setting, I’m very open, I’m very energetic, but honestly, it takes me a couple of days to recover. I do need my personal space. I need to read. I need to be with my dog, Atticus. I need to be in a space where it feels like a little bit of escape. And this is that place.”



According to Kim, their home started out like a bachelor pad since it was designed by Jericho and his best friend. But eventually, when she moved in, she was able to soften and lighten it up with accents and art pieces.


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Nowadays, Kim is spending most of her time studying about art and film, as she ventures into her new fashion endeavor called The Fore, an online brand that is dedicated to give young, emerging local designers a global platform through collaborations.



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“Style, obviously, it’s objective and it can assume a variety of identities. I guess for me, a woman of style is someone who is independent, who is hungry, who has ambition, who is writing her own story, on her path. And I think because when that happens for women, it kinds of manifests into something more external,” Kim says.




Watch Kim Jones Rosales’ full episode on Women of Style on August 26, Sunday, 7 p.m., airing on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD. Catch replays throughout the week!


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