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Worry-Free Travel Without Bed Bugs Hitch-hikers

Flights and hotel booked. Bags are packed. Can’t wait to explore, have an adventure or escape and relax! No amount of rain or clouds can stop us from going on a much-needed vacation when the fare discounts are a steal and there’s just so many places to check out. So off you go, and enjoy your trip.

While still on your vacation high, however, there might be more than memories and pictures that have come home with you—and it’s not something you’d want to share in your online posts. A little hitchhiker may have nestled in your luggage or backpacks and it may have a couple of friends or family members with it.

So what could you potentially pick up while you were away? Bed bugs. They actually don’t just stay in bed, but are adventurous wanderers themselves. Plus, they get to travel for free thanks to you and your luggage. These little critters hide in bed frames, headboard crevices, mattress seams, carpets, behind wallpaper, drawers, wardrobe, even inside electrical sockets. They’re shy and actually just venture out to visit their host to feed briefly in the few hours just before dawn. You wouldn’t know because you’re asleep, but you’re probably scratching them off. If you see dark or black stains on your mattress, possibly small dark blood spots on your bedding, smell an unpleasant, sweet, sickly scent, and spy tiny almost-translucent cockroach-lookalikes, well that’s them. They may have grown attached to you while you slept in their part of the world—whether it’s a hotel, AirBnb, resort, or other public places like cinema, lounges, even public transport such as buses or trains—so they decided to tag along and keep nibbling on you from time to time.



Horrified already? Not to worry. Here are some tips to safeguard you from taking bed bugs home from your travels:

  • As you arrive, instead of immediately taking a picture of the amazing view from your room, check out your bed first by pulling back the linens. Check all the way around the border and under the mattress for blood stains or small black dots that look like ground pepper or mold. Also check for potential bed bug bodies. It may seem like a waste of great presentation or energy but it’s better to move to another clean and bed bug-free room before you settle in rather than regret it later.

  • Before checking out of your hotel or resort, give your luggage and bags a thorough inspection. Check between clothing and even inside shoe bags. Until you’ve done that, stash your luggage in the bathroom.

  •  Keep luggage off the floor. It’s much better to keep your bags on the desktop, on top of the dresser or on the luggage rack provided.

And just in case it’s too late and they still managed to take that trip home with you, don't panic. Wash all the clothes you brought with you to your trip—whether they were used or not—and dry clothes at the highest possible temperature. Another tip is to put the luggage and bags you used under the sun before putting them back in storage.

Should you find there’s still bed bugs in your home, there’s Rentokil to the rescue! Rentokil knows how to deal with household pests and has expert knowledge of bed bugs habits and behavior. They offer a Bed Bug Treatment Program that effectively takes action against bed bug infestations. They can also treat sensitive areas like rooms of babies, kids, and the elderly. Let’s also not forget the pillows and mattress that you use everyday. Rentokil has a 10-day program to address bed bugs, which includes more than one treatment, depending on the level of infestation based on the site assessment.

If you suspect you brought bed bugs home with you, check out Rentokil's website for inquiries and more details. You can also visit Rentokil Philippines on Facebook for more tips and facts.