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Elevate Your Vacation Photos This Spring With This SweetEscape Exclusive Promo

The months of spring can mean a period of reset and reflection for many. Some take the opportunity to see the beautiful cherry blossom (Sakura) trees in Japan and South Korea, all while enjoying the blue skies and a spring breeze; sightsee in Europe, or take a much-needed beach break in Bali. But to make your travel even more memorable, photos are an absolute must. And so, if you don't want to bring a tripod and remote control everywhere, or risk getting subpar photos from taken by family or your significant other; may we suggest the foolproof solution to having perfect vacation photos—SweetEscape

SweetEscape is a photography service that connects you with 2,000+ curated photographers in more than 400 cities around the world. Their app can connect you to a pool of photographers at every possible location in the world. With tens of thousands of clients, SweetEscape’s vision is to ‘make life memorable’ by making professional photography easy and affordable for anyone, and for any occasion around the world.

With SweetEscape, a professional photographer for different occasions is now easier than ever. You don’t have to carry out extensive research to find the right photographer. The app allows clients to see portfolios from different photographers and book a one or two-hour photo session anywhere, and at anytime. Photos will be ready in three business days via the SweetEscape app and website.


Spring offering

This spring, SweetEscape is giving you the chance to have the most cinematic photos for your social media feed. Here are some of our favorite for this season.


Wearing a hanbok in the palace. That bohkeh is hard to execute on your smartphone! 


Maxine Magalona and Robby Mananquil in a tender moment in spring.


To celebrate the upcoming spring holiday season, SweetEscape the leading photographer booking app in Indonesia and the Philippines is launching a special promotion. Starting from the 25th February 2019, SweetEscape is offering a $100 voucher for all bookings made between 25th February - 15th March 2019. This offer is eligible for all sessions in over 400 cities including popular destinations such as Japan, Korea, Bali, Amsterdam, New York, and London.  


Cherry blossoms can elevate a formal look into something ethereal.


Want to mount a mini-prenup? Just take care of the clothes and SweetEscape will do the rest.


The promotion is available on the SweetEscape app and website, simply enter the code ‘JOYOFSPRING’ prior to checkout to enjoy this fantastic deal. Aside from capturing beautiful moments from your holidays, SweetEscape can also help you to celebrate everyday milestones such as graduations, birthdays and bridal showers. Truly celebrate the ‘Joy Of Spring’ with SweetEscape. Visit for more information.