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10 Most LGBT-Friendly Cities Around The World

As we celebrate Pride month this June, we highlight these cities around the world who have been and continue to be at the forefront of the LGBTQIA+ movement

We are indeed fortunate to live in a time where people, countries, and governments have started opening up to the discourse of LGBTQIA+ rights. Just a couple of decades ago, the idea of being gay or trans has been kept in the dark, spoken about only in hushed tones in fear of being ostracized or bullied.

For decades, violence and discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community have not been discussed openly. Gay men were forced to find themselves a wife and start families because that was expected of them, and girls who liked dressing up like men and acted masculine were shunned and abused to show them “what a real man is.” Drag queens had to hide their wigs and makeup, trans people had no access to transition and therapy, and being bisexual was “a phase” that people expect you to snap out of once the "novelty" of it wore off.

But not anymore. Today, we have seen the LGBTQIA+ advocacy coming out of its proverbial closet, and people are becoming more sensitive to the needs and rights of the community—things that we have trampled upon for years.  


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It’s so heartwarming to see more same-sex marriages being openly celebrated. Openly LGBT people are being elected to office. Establishments are being more open-minded about labelling their bathrooms. Bills tackling gay rights and discrimination are making headway in many governments. LGBT characters are taking the limelight in TV and film. The stigma that connects gay people to AIDS is slowly being corrected. More parents are becoming understanding and supportive when their children come out to them. And Pride parades all over the world continue to draw noise and attention to the movement, encouraging more people to embrace who they truly are.

While the movement has not yet succeeded entirely, these are significant victories that have legitimized, finally, the plight of the LGBTQIA+ community. This is why we’ve decided to come up with the top 10 cities all over the world (in no particular order) who have shown how LGBTQIA+ people should be treated—with respect, compassion, understanding—just like the fellow citizens that they are.


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