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11 Of The Most Gorgeous Pre-Nup & Pre-Debut Shoot Destinations

Believe Charisse Tinio, founder and owner of NicePrint Photo, when she says she knows best when it comes to the most beautiful places on the planet that couples should travel to for their extra special photo shoots that immortalize once in a lifetime occasions. 

Having mastered the art capturing her clients' most precious moments from birthdays and graduations to anniversaries, debutante balls, and most popularly, engagements and weddings, Charisse wishes to share here all that she's discovered from the most stunning cities and countries that she and her team have traveled to over the years with brides and grooms-to-be, as well as those about to celebrate their debuts.

Putting together a curated list of 11 of her top photo shoot destinations that each possess their own unique charm, Charisse hopes to be of service to those searching for spectacular new venues to be photographed in, and where their love can shine its brightest. 




Where to go: Thailand

Pro tip: NicePrint Photo was behind the lens when celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia had their second pre-wedding photo shoot in this tropical paradise. They chose a private resort for their shoot. For couples who have their eyes (and hearts) set on popular destinations like Thailand for their own engagement session, consider doing the same (i.e.: booking your very own villa or opting to stay at a less touristy beach) to avoid unwanted crowds and maximize the entire shoreline and pretty much have the view to yourselves. 


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Where to go: Trocadero, Jardin de Tuileries, and The Louvre in Paris

Pro tip: Two words for you: rise early. Making your way to any of these massively popular spots in Paris by sunrise is the only way to get those desired solo and couple photos sans the hundreds of people in the background, but Charisse swears it's worth it. She also recommends a top secret spot in Trocadero where not many know is the place to get the best shot with the Eiffel Tower as your background!


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Where to go: Aspen, Colorado

Pro tip: It sure has to be one of nature lovers' dream places to visit with its pristine white-capped mountains, fragrant pines, and snowy landscapes as far as the eye can see. With tourists usually arriving in the peak season that begins around Christmastime and wraps up in March, consider booking your shoot towards the latter half of this period; temperatures will be milder, and will allow couples to dress the way they envisioned without the need for too many wintry layers! 


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Where to go: Aruba

Pro tip: "Aruba! Wow. [There are] so many places around the world that we’ve been to, but [there has been] nothing like seeing and playing with flamingos this close—only in Aruba. What with its white sands and blue green water and pink flamingos, it sure is a pretty setting for a wedding and e-session," Charisse shares. Adding the fact that this Caribbean nation is mostly sunny all year round and can be an awesome starting point for an island hopping holiday in the region, it'll be hard for couples to say no to this option. 


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Where to go: Japan

Pro tip: It's a country blessed with cities with far-ranging personalities, making it the venue of choice for couples who wish to explore more than one type of setting. However, topping Charisse's Japan picks are Osaka and Kyoto: one famous for its urban sights and sounds, the other loved for its natural wonders. "[The] best time of the year to go is of course springtime to catch the sakura or cherry blossoms at their full bloom—[the] perfect backdrop and perfect weather for [a] shoot. Another [of my favorite spots] in Osaka is Universal Studios, where there [are] unlimited areas where we can shoot at," Charisse adds. 


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Where to go: Piazza San Marco in Venice or Piazza Duomo in Milan, both in Italy 

Pro tip: Like Paris, Venice and Milan are equally popular tourist destinations. Big crowds in its best spots (and have a harder time getting them to step aside) are expected, so you must make it a point to beat tourist groups by getting up at dawn! 6 in the morning is Charisse's recommended time to be dressed, made up, and up and about. 


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Where to go: Fira and Oia in Santorini, Greece

Pro tip: According to Charisse, "There are two areas or villages to choose from for the most perfect wedding and pre-nup shots: Fira and Oia (pronounced as 'I-YA'). Santorini is open only nine months in a year, from mid-March to mid-November. [During the] winter, almost all the shops and hotels are completely closed, so ensure to work around these months when planning a trip and shoot there. Nothing beats the view of Santorini. It’s like being in a dream. The most beautiful spots can only be spotless if you shoot early in the morning, like 5 to 6a.m."


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Where to go: Capadoccia, Turkey

Pro tip: Make sure to visit during the time of the year when hot air balloons are allowed to fly, as this isn't a year-round thing (Or else your photos will be missing one this place's biggest attractions). 

Charisse adds, "The most Instagrammable shot for me is the picture taken by the cliff in Capadoccia with the hot air balloons flying. Make sure, though, that you book a tour guide and full package with hotel transportation when planning a shoot there. It’s very convenient and [locals] speak [good English]."


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Where to go: The Opera House and Harbor in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Pro tip: So much to see and do, but never enough time! This is how Charisse feels about her shoots in Australia's most popular cities; executing a pre-nup here all boils down to what the couple wants to accomplish for themselves. Like Japanese cities, both Sydney and Melbourne offer something for those who prefer the city as well as visitors hoping to get a taste of the outdoors. 

At the end of the day, it's rather easy to mix and match backdrops for your shoot; recognizable landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbor can effortlessly go hand in hand with Melbourne's laid-back beaches and stony shores should you wish to see all the best that these Australian cities have to offer! 


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Where to go: Banff, Canada 

Pro tip: "It s a magical moment the first time you actually see and have your photos taken in Banff with the most vibrant colors during autumn and amazing winter feels," Charisse shares. 

A town located in Banff National Park, couples here can be sure to be immersed in the untouched, pristine, and protected forests of Alberta, Canada. Many photos taken here are admired for how awesomely they capture the snowy serenity of Banff and how fairytale-like the surrouding scenery is.


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Photos courtesty of Charisse Tinio and NicePrint Photo