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Dine 150 Feet In The Air: Dinner In The Sky Is Now Here In The Philippines

You’re hoisted 150 feet up in the sky, while you’re served a multi-course dinner prepared by chefs right in front of you. Is your stomach ready to take on this challenge?

Dinner in the Sky is a novelty restaurant service created by David Ghysels, founder of Brussels-based marketing agency Hakuna Matata, and Stefan Kerkhof, founder of entertainment company The Fun Group that specializes in crane-based attractions. Bringing their specialties together, the two companies were able to bring their airborne dinner concept to reality, and to the world.

Dinner in the Sky is basically literally what it says—eating your dinner in the sky. A whole gondola of sorts with tables, chairs, and a prep station in the middle is hoisted up into the air with a crane, and the guests are treated to a fantastic multi-course dinner prepared by the chefs right in front of them.


Fancy a meal while you're suspended on a crane?


Apart from dinners, the service has also been used by different brands to stage media and product events, concerts, and even couples who wanted to get married amongst the clouds. Dinner in the Sky has brought dinners and events to more than 40 countries now, and due to the popularity of the concept in the Sin City, they have set up two permanent towers to cater to their guests in Las Vegas.


Why not get married among the clouds, too?


The luxury and novelty of Dinner in the Sky are not just the main goal of the group that manages it. Of course, the safety of the guests is also a priority. All guests are strapped onto their chairs and all the chefs wear harnesses. The menu is also carefully curated so as to minimize the possibility of choking and bathroom breaks.

“All our concepts are designed according to the German norm DIN 4112 (a very strict standard upheld by European products). Our products are built in Belgium under the control of the TÜV (an inspection body that audits and evaluates professional products). We devote painstaking attention to every detail in order to maximize security and ensure that our guests always feel perfectly safe. This obsession with safety is one of the reasons why Dinner in the Sky is now operating in over 45 countries and has gained official authorization from the toughest countries, including France, Canada, Australia and Israel,” the website read.

What's more, the views from the suspended gondolas all over the world are fantastic!


Hanging beside the London Eye and Big Ben


A majestic view of the city ruins of Teotihuacan in Mexico


Above the Malaysian cityscape with a view of the Petronas Towers


Dining in Morocco beside the Casablanca

All of these has built up the excitement when Dinner in the Sky announced that it is finally here in the Philippines! The towering dinner will be located at Esplanade, Solaire Resort and Casino and seats for the months of April and May can now be booked via their website at different rates. There's a 4-course dinner option and an upgraded 5-course option with free-flowing champagne and wine, fresh oysters, and signature desserts. Check it out for the full list of packages and available dates.

Are you ready to conquer the skies? Are you brave enough for this adventure? 


Beside the Atomium in Belgium