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This Family-Friendly Boracay Hotel Lets You Swim In An Infinity Pool—In Your Own Balcony!

Imagine waking up to the beautiful Boracay sunrise. You rub your eyes, stretch your legs, and roll out of a soft, massive bed. Just a few steps away lies your own private infinity pool, complete with reclining beds on water. Here, you can do absolutely anything—read a book, play with your kids, or enjoy breakfast in the pool. Even past 10AM. In paradise, there's no need to rush. In paradise, you own time. 

Imagine spending your afternoons in an exclusive rooftop lounge, soaking in fresh air as you relax in a hot tub overlooking the shore. At your service is a dedicated butler—ask for coffee, a cocktail, or some wine. Whatever it is, they have it.

This is what days look like in Discovey Shores—a 100% Filipino-owned luxury resort that bagged “Best for Families in Asia” at the Condé Nast Johansens 2018 Awards for Excellence.

The launch of its newest Signature Suites elevates the Boracay experience, providing a luxurious stay for families and large groups. Metro.Style was among the first to experience this offer, when I booked the brand new two bedroom signature suite for a three-day stay last December. If you and your family are on the lookout for the best family-friendly place, here's everything you need to know—what to eat, what to do, and what to expect after Boracay's reopening.

The Discovery Shores Experience

I hadn’t been to Boracay in almost a decade. In fact, I couldn’t remember much—except that I once waded in waves with a bottle of Jonah’s shake in my hand, had a massage from locals by the shore, and took photos of sandcastles five feet high. With its recent reopening after a six-month closure, I didn’t really know what to expect. And as we landed in Caticlan, a text message from my own “guest experience maker” sure wasn’t it.

“Welcome! Thank you for choosing Discovery Shores. I am your guest experience maker, and I will be assisting you on your way to the island.”

She greeted us outside the Caticlan airport, giving me a special beaded bracelet as we entered a Wifi-ready van to the port. We then hopped on board a white motorboat, pushing off to the beautiful island of Boracay and the five-star hotel.

Discovery Shores Sandbar is located right across the famous white shore—the perfect place to eat and unwind


There, a local feast awaited us on a long table in Sands Restaurant overlooking the spectacular sea. Together with its traditional menu, the all-white and wooden interiors encapuslated barefoot elegance, perfectly marrying laid-back and sophisticated.

We delighted in Bacolod kansi, alimango, salted fish fried rice, and more—it was a scrumptious lunch that highlighted the different regions of our archipelago. 

 Sands' best-selling kansi lets you experience the sunny city of Bacolod—in just one bite!


What's a trip to the beach without eating seafood? The alimango in alavar sauce is a definite must-try


We're boodle fight-ready. For Filipinos, nothing beats rice as the best side dish. We recommend ordering the salted fish fried rice!


A 'Different' Boracay

I looked into the horizon, delighting in the picturesque scenery. This was not the Boracay I once knew, I thought to myself, observing the quiet, crowd-less shore. But it’s a good kind of different.

True enough, a lot had changed—for instance, beach chairs and mattresses are no longer allowed by the shore. One can no longer sip their mango shake whilst swimming in the famous Boracay waters, nor enjoy a massage by the shore, nor build humongous sand castles.

But all's well that end's well. At the end of the day, these measures are being implemented to preserve the island’s beauty. And besides, the Signature Suites—Discovery Shores' brand new addition to the island—beckons.


A Luxurious Experience For the Family

Aside from the 99 family-friendly suites that kept them famous for the past decade, Discovery Shores recently opened a secret wing for its most discerning clientele. You'll find three kinds of Signature Suites here: Signature One Bedroom (121 sqm), Signature Two Bedroom (214 sqm), and Grand Signature Bedroom (252 sqm).

Enjoy a staycation inside the ultra luxurious Signature Suites


The living and dining area of the Signature One Bedroom Suite




Each of the 11 exclusive rooms is equipped with its own pool, located inside a spacious balcony facing the coastline. On top of this (literally and figuratively) cool feature, each room also includes a mini bar that’s replenished daily, and a pillow menu where you can select your weapon of choice for the evening. The experience comes with housekeeping service twice a day, and laundry and pressing service—yes, they can pack and unpack your clothes for you. You’re also introduced to your own guest experience makers (GEMs)—local experts who will tailor your island experience to your family’s specific needs and preferences.

The infinity pool of the Signature Two Bedroom Suite

The lounge pool inside the Signature One Bedroom Suite


The Great Room

The GEMs offer discreet, unobtrusive service, anticipating your every need and offering unique, experience-enhancing services throughout your stay. Guests can meet up and consult with their GEMs in The Great Room—a private, spacious lounge where you can plan your Boracay holiday. The lounge also offers complimentary snacks and beverages, desktop computers, television screens, and books for Signature Suites guests to come together, relax, and unwind.

Signature Suites guests may enjoy complimentary afternoon snacks at the exclusive Great Room


360 Roof Lounge

Speaking of exclusive, Discovery Shores also opened a rooftop lounge just for Signature Suites guests. Take in the 360-degree view of Boracay and the vast sea as you relax on the deck, laze in a hammock, and enjoy cocktails brought over by a dedicated lounge butler. There’s no better place to watch the famous Boracay sunset!



Service With a Heart

More than the world-class facilities, the unforgettable food, the rejuvenating experience at Terra Wellness Spa, and the breathtaking view of the sunset—what made my experience at Discovery Shores truly memorable was the incomparable service of the warm, friendly staff.

With the hotel’s homey vibe and family-centric values, I began to befriend the staff. I'd eventually recognize almost half of the staff just by face—from the guest experience makers and the bartenders, to the housekeeping personnel and the security team. And by my third day on the island, I didn’t feel like a guest anymore. I was home. “Magandang umaga!” or “Magandang gabi!”, the staff would say, flashing contagious smiles as they placed their right hands on their chests and called me by name.

This small act of pointing to the heart may seem like a miniscule detail—but it was done with so much warmth and consistency, that I couldn’t help but point it out to Erwin Lopez, the hotel manager of the award-winning resort.

He smiled as I told him how this place has become my home in the famous White Beach. “I guess that’s what makes us different,” he says. “Here at Discovery Shores, it’s all about service—with a heart.”


Special thanks to Jane Santiago and to Discovery Shores Boracay for the photos