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Fight Jet Lag With These 6 Sleep-Friendly Travel Apps

Nothing can ruin your vacay faster than jet lag when you’re drowsily shambling through the streets in your 6-inch Louboutin heels at 7 a.m. in London.  

Now, if you’re surgically attached to your mobile phone, you’re in luck. There’s a whole slew of apps that can help you fend off jet lag and the horrible wrinkles (not to mention the faux pas) that it brings. Just think of these as your secret weapons for jet-setting through your beauty sleep and staying energized anywhere you go.


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1. Entrain (free for iOS)

Entrain retrains your body clock by calculating a 7-day sleep schedule based on your destination and the kind of light you’ll be exposed to (low, bright, or office light). It also monitors your current lighting conditions to alert you about getting much-needed rest. If you’re prone to extreme jet lag, this is for you.   


2. Jet Lag Rooster (free for iOS & Android)

An easy-to-use sleep calculator, Jet Lag Rooster lets you set separate alarms for seeking/avoiding light, snoozing, and waking up based on the rest schedule you input for your upcoming flight.


3. StopJetLag ($2.99 for iOS)

Do you take melatonin? StopJetLag helps you calculate the right pre-flight sleep itinerary to help you maximize your melatonin intake. By the time you’ve arrived at your destination, you’re bright, bushy-tailed, and already well-adjusted to the new timezone. 


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4. Chronoshift (free for iOS & Android)

If you’re used to a flexible sleep-wake cycle, Chronoshift gently adjusts your circadian rhythm using a gradually shifting sleep timetable that you set days before your trip. 


5. Uplift ($9.99/year for Android)

Uplift is a unique jet lag app that resyncs your body clock with an easy 5-minute acupressure exercise. Simply enter your itinerary (the app calculates your personalized program), watch the video tutorial on locating your acupressure points, and activate those points for one minute. You just need to do this once when you arrive at your destination, and again when you return.    


6. Timeshifter (free for iOS & Android)

This app’s practicality gets top marks as it’s highly personalized—the time you rest and wake up, your chronotype (early bird or night owl?), and whether you prefer caffeine or melatonin—before giving you realistic tips for getting enough sleep in your current timezone. Whether you must take a power nap, avoid bright light, or grab a cup of fresh roast, Timeshifter shows you what to do.



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