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From Where To Eat To Where To Live: A Quick Guide To Crazy Expensive Singapore

Crazy Rich Asians, a film about, well, the lifestyles and quirks of scandalously rich Asians, is now showing. It’s fitting that much of the movie takes place in Singapore. For the past five years, this tiny micronation at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula has been listed as the world’s most expensive place to live. From bars to restaurants, hotels to entire neighborhoods, living in Singapore can, in many ways, make a serious dent to your life savings—unless, of course, you’re crazy rich. Intrigued at how the Lion City’s one-percenters fill their days and where they move about? Here are crazy expensive places in Singapore where you might find them—and maybe share in the fabulous craziness.


Waku Ghin – Crazy Expensive Restaurant

If you’re looking to satiate your palate within the confines of utmost primacy, take yourself over to Waku Ghin. This top-tier French and Japanese fusion restaurant boasts of two Michelin stars and can be found on the second floor of Marina Bay Sands.



The name 'Waku Ghin' is derived from two Japanese words: 'Waku' meaning to 'arise' (like water pouring forth from a hot spring) and 'Ghin' meaning 'silver', Chef Tetsuya's signature colour found throughout the 8,000 square foot space, featuring an intimate bar, three private cocoon rooms and a main dining room. Each private room is helmed by a chef, bringing forward the season’s best produce to the Chef’s Table, which includes signatures such as the Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Caviar and Wagyu with Wasabi and Citrus Soy. Then be escorted to the main dining room for desserts and coffee while soaking in sensational skyline views. To experience premium sakes and the art and refinement of Japanese cocktail making in an elegant lounge setting, visit The Bar at Waku Ghin. #expat_sg #allaboutcitysg

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It’s a secluded dining haunt, with a floor space of three rooms that seat 25 people in total. Chef Tetsuya Wakuda mans the counter here. Wakuda and his team will lovingly prepare each of the fantastic dishes you’ll be enjoying.




Atlas Bar – Crazy Expensive Place to Get a Drink

The ultimate in classy bars, Atlas is a supremely grand drinking establishment located on the ground floor of Parkview Square. The entire bar seems to have escaped out of the roaring 20s, evoking the vibe of an ornate art deco lounge from the glitter of The Great Gatsby. Sit back and enjoy your night as you sip on the finest in gin and champagne like the connoisseurs and aristocrats of the Gilded Age.



The fantastic Atlas bar #atlasbar #singapore #cocktails #artdeco #atlasbarsingapore

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Paragon – Crazy Expensive Shopping Mall

With the massive amount of shopping options available in Singapore, it’s hard to say which of all of them is the most expensive. The shimmering glass façade of the Paragon, however, decries the top-of-the-line offerings that populate its halls and walkways. Premium brands stock the mall in plenty–Gucci, Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo all make an appearance here, and Loewe’s concept store Casa Loewe is located within the fanciful sprawl. Come here for designer healthcare, too–Paragon boasts of quality medical services for its patrons.




Gucci Gucci Prada Prada?????#gucci #orchardroad #paragonsingapore

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Marina Bay Sands – Crazy Expensive Accommodations

It almost comes without surprise that the most expensive hotel in all of Singapore is the world-famous Marina Bay Sands. It’s becoming as much of an icon of modern-day Singapore as the merlion is, its massive frame towering way above the Singapore skyline. With an infinity pool running along the length of the roof deck and all manner of quality rooms, high-end shops and five-star dining, the Marina Bay Sands promises unequalled relaxation and indulgence.




Central Area - Crazy Expensive Neighbourhood

If you’re looking to be neighbors with Singapore’s terribly wealthy, check out the properties over in Central Area. It’s a 13,000+ hectare expanse of parkways and premium housing spread out across the Southern end of the city, from Bishan to Queenstown, Marine Parade to the Southern Islands. Referred to by locals as The City, the Central Area is listed as the most expensive Singaporean neighborhood to live in, with the cost of renting a 4-room apartment unit reaching above and beyond 90,000 Singaporean dollars.


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