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This Golden Bridge Is A Spectacular Reason To Go Deeper Inside The Heart Of Vietnam

There’s a place high up in the Tru?ng Son Mountains in the Annamite Range that runs along the Pacific seaboard of Vietnam. It’s an enchanting place—of blanketing forest that shines with dew and golden sunlight come morning. Out of the mist and mystery of this beautiful place rises something truly spectacular—two hands, like the hands of God, emerging from the forest in praise of the rising sun. Between them, arched between the palms of these hands like a length of shining ribbon, sits a pathway that stands above the tops of trees.

Welcome to the Golden Bridge.



The Golden Bridge, or Cau Vang as it’s called in the native tongue, is located right in Nam province, deep in the heart of the Ba Na Hills National Park, a mountainous landscape not far from the coastal city of Da Nang. It’s quite the drive going up to Cau Vang. The only way to get to the Golden Bridge is by heading up a winding road that snakes through the valleys and up the peaks of Tru?ng Son Mountains.

Upon arriving at Cau Vang, it becomes evident how much of an architectural feat it is. The entire bridge stands at 4,600 feet above sea level and is 490 feet long, separated into eight different segments. There are no supports for the entire length of the bridge save for the two stone hands on either end. The effect is quite breathtaking, as if God himself were offering the bridge up like a length of golden thread, held up to the heavens.

The structure might make for a fantastic sight, but it’s the view from its deck that truly steals away the imagination. On one side of the bridge are mountains, carpeted in beautiful flowers. On the other–the fantastic side, the side that should spur deep daydreams and poignant reflection—is the rest of the Tru?ng Son Mountains and the landscapes that lie beyond them, all of it spilling away from beneath the bridge like spilled ink across a beautiful canvas.

Mountains and untarnished forest make up the foreground. A little further beyond, the city of Da Nang and the towns and farmland that surround it. Further than that, the deep blue of the Pacific. Mist clings to the bases of the mountains; mist that turns as golden as the bridge during an Eastern sunrise.



Cau Vang is a captivating creation that caresses the calmest daydream, but it’s far from the only attraction in the Tru?ng Son Mountains. The immediate area outside of the Golden Bridge is known as Sun World Bà Nà Hills, essentially a recreational sprawl tucked high up amongst these Eastern peaks of the Southeast Asian peninsula. Here you can find the Buddhist temple of Chùa Linh and the Bà Nà cable car, recognized as the longest cable car in all the world.



The tangle and lush of the #truongsonmountains

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More adventurous types can leave the confines of Sun World and explore the dips and dives and high soaring peaks of Tru?ng Son. But if all you’re looking for is that most picturesque of places from the most impeccable, most beautiful, most spiritual of sights, then make that drive up into hilly Vietnam and head to the Golden Bridge.


Banner photo from @chrisandjesstravel | Thumbnail photo from @explore.and.snap