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Hot Travel Trend: Nothing Beats The Luxury And Romance Of A Train Tour

You’ve slept in. You’re on vacation, after all. You’ve been on this train for about three days, but it feels as if a lifetime has passed, and you’re not bored. That’s how relaxed you are. You make your way over to the window of your cabin. You lean against it, watching the Asian countryside slip away as the train chugs on to its next destination.

This is a train tour.

The conventional holiday is hunkering down in a nice hotel and wasting away the days. The adventurous traveler likes to get up and go, hopping from city to city as they explore the exotic. The train tour combines both experiences: the luxuries of a nice hotel and the thrill of a cross-country cruise.

Train tours are among the emergent travel trends this 2018, with more and more passengers flocking to the railroads for an extended point-to-point, cross-country experience. There are many different train tours across the world that you can avail of, in Europe, in America, in Oceania—wherever you can find a set of rails.

Here are three you may check out to get you going:


The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian

Touted as the longest single railroad in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs from the city of St. Petersburg in Russia’s cold Northeast, all the way down to Vladivostok in the Southwest. Luxury train operator Golden Eagle runs tours down this line, with each train boasting cabins at different price ranges. Whether you avail of the Silver of the Imperial suite, you can expect friendly, English-speaking staff and tour guides and an unbeatable view of the Balkan countryside as it whips past your cabin windows. Stops include Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, and the cities of Kazan and Irkutsk, cultural alcoves in the heart of Siberia.



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The Seven Stars in Kyushu

Running the length of the Southernmost Japanese island of Kyushu is a railroad plied by one of the most luxurious train tours in the world. The Seven Stars in Kyushu, also known as the “Slow Train to Kagoshima,” is a luxury train line built to showcase the finest in Japanese luxury. The train itself is very intimate at 14 rooms small, each bedecked in hard wood in the style of a decades-gone Imperial Japan. From the traditional Japanese meals served in lacquer boxes to the lounge at the back of the train with its plush couches and bay windows (that opens up to the passing countryside), the entire Seven Stars experience has been crafted in remembrance of a bygone era of luxury sleeper trains.


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The Eastern and Oriental Express

The cities of Singapore and Bangkok are connected by a single railroad that runs the length of Malaysia, stopping at Kuala Lumpur on the way up. The rooms aboard the Eastern and Oriental are a little cramped, although the view from the 270 degree observation car at the back of the train, as well as stops at sites like the bridge over the River Kwai ensures that you won’t be spending much time in them. Meals throughout the trip are among the Eastern and Oriental’s top highlights, each one prepared by Yannis Martineau, French chef and master of making fine food on the go. Pack your suits and dresses, though, as the Eastern and Oriental Express is high luxury, and they expect you to step up, fashion-wise.


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