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How To Plan A Last-Minute Getaway

If you still don’t know where you’re going and what you’re doing for the long weekend, you’re already a little late. Of course, it's not technically a long weekend; there’s a working Monday between the weekend and the two declared holidays but you’re old enough to know what to do with it. Wink, wink. But that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to help you whip up a last-minute plan. We believe it’s not impossible to arrange a last-minute getaway—whether you’re going with your SO or opting for some well-deserved alone time. You just need a checklist. Like this one.

Here’s how to plan a vacation like a pro:


1. Check the weather.

This is the first thing you should do when planning any trip. And since we’re in the middle of the rainy season, there have been many cancelled classes and even work because of inclement weather. It’s been pouring the past couple of days and they weren't fit for any type of vacation besides a staycation.

Accuweather is a good guide for weather conditions for the week, so before you book anything, go to the site and see what the weather be like on the days you’re planning your trip.


2. Determine transportation options.

Before you choose where you’re going, it’s important to figure out the "how" first. Because the weather isn’t as pleasant as we’d like it to be, you need to factor in the mode of transportation because there’s a good chance a kink in the plan will come up. What kind of kinks? Cancelled flights, landslides on the road, unsafe ferry rides, etc.

Photo by Alejandro Salinas from Unsplash 


3. Choose a destination.

Now comes the fun part! When you’ve considered the weather conditions and you’ve decided on the safest way to travel or the easiest way to get around, then you can narrow down the choices for destination.


Photo by rawpixel from Unsplash 


Seeing as it’s just a weekend, your best bet would be about 2-3 hours away from Manila because you don’t want to waste too much time on the road. Search every direction—North, South, East, West. Do your research.


4. Check good deals (Agoda, AirBnB).

Groupon sites like Deal Grocer and Metro Deal usually have great packages at good prices. They have deals for popular destinations so it’s worth looking into just to see if there’s something good for where you want to go.


Photo by  Clarisa Guerra from Unsplash 


Also, with the weather in mind, you need to consider the activities you’ll be doing once you get there. Chances are it’s also raining where you’re going so best book a place that has amazing indoor amenities like a heated pool, a ping-pong table, a cozy coffeeshop, or cozy beddings for when you want to read a book, etc.


5. Pack!

Finally, when you’ve got those details pinned down and you’ve made the necessary payments and arrangements, it’s time for you to figure out your OOTDs and put them in your suitcase.


Photo by STIL on Unsplash


Banner photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash / Thumbnail photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash