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Last Hurrah For Summer: How To Make The Most Of This Season

Though summer is almost over, there's no stopping us from catching the last few days of this gorgeous weather, and reliving it, visually, in our travel photos.



Traveling is a staple. From road trips to a local beach, a family vacation outside the country, or a last-minute solo travel experience, the possibilities are endless. While we have all the time to visit different places all year round, there are also some things we should keep in mind to maximize the season.


Travel with purpose

In this age of social media, everyone is always up to date. Thus, we all have a responsibility to be socially aware of what's happenign around us. With this consciousness, we may be able to volunteer with different organizations to help the places we visited in our own little ways. 



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Choose private villas or Airbnb for big groups

Airbnb is all the rage these days, especially when it come to big travel groups/ While it is also a more practical option than booking a bunch of hotel rooms or renting an expensive suite, private villas or Airbnbs provide the comfort while addressing the need for a single dwelling for the entire group. 



Take note of “Instagram-worthy” places 

When we travel, we often plan what pictures to take or even recreate a pose from the celebrities we follow. With this, we ought to look for places that has an “Instagrammable” spot that we can post in our social media accounts, which actually helps a lot of new (or hidden) local spots to be discovered, and even made popular.


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Experience solo travelling

From Millenials to Gen X, traveling solo is a life-changing experience. According to some people who love to travel alone, it actually helps you discover your inner self and can also a practice of ultimate independence. Above all, it is actually a fun way of meeting new people with the same adventurous and curious personality!




Take lots of pictures

Taking photographs are the best way to capture the memories you'll keep forever, and what best way to capture great moments than an actual professional as your travel photographer? SweetEscape is a new app-based photography service with a network of photographers in 400+ cities, released the latest travel trends for the Philippines. You can easily download the app on your phone and book a photographer whenever you desire. With this innovation, we can finally achieve that #travelgoals quality pictures with just one app away and like they say, sharing photos on social media is now seen as the new postcard for this generation.





Photos courtesy of SweetEscape