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New Things To See And Do In Tagaytay This Summer

Tagaytay has always been a popular choice for quick getaways because it’s so near the city, and it remains a good destination because there are always new things to see and experience, not to mention the slight shift in temperature that offers a respite from the unforgiving heat that invades Manila during summer months.

If you’re heading there soon, either on a weekend or on a hump day, then these things are worth noting for your next rendezvous. 


Tabby Town Cat Café & Corgi Club

Cat and dog cafes are big in places like Japan or the U.S., and here in our country, they’ve started popping up here and there as well. This one is a 3-floor dog and cat café just along the Sta. Rosa highway going up to Tagaytay.

They’re open Wednesday-Friday, 12nn to 8pm, Saturday-Sunday, 11am to 8pm. Entrance is P220/head inclusive of a refreshment to visit either the cats on the 2nd floor or the dogs on the 3rd floor.

Tip: Bring or wear socks as they are required. If you forget your own, you may purchase in the café for P45 pesos.


Dough Knead Café

If you can’t wait until you reach Tagaytay for your dose of coffee or maybe even breakfast, you can stop by the DKC or Dough Knead Café that just opened this year.

It’s right in the corner just before you reach the stretch of pasalubong centers along Sta. Rosa.

Tip: If you’re in kind of a hurry, you can opt for the drive-thru instead!


Containers by Eco Hotel

This is the second hotel of hotel chain Eco Hotel in Tagaytay, their first being Cabins by Eco Hotel. This one, opened November of last year, sits just a little off the road across from Starbucks famous for its breathtaking views.

The ambience reminded me of Seminyak in Bali as it’s beautifully decorated with street art everywhere!

Their hotel is built with steel containers that sit atop each other and masterfully laid out to make cozy rooms that’s either 15sqm or 30sqm in size.

Tip: Check Agoda for an even better price! Even if you’re booking on the day, you might still be lucky enough to chance upon a booking in Agoda that gives you the room for way below the list price.


Mori Japanese Resto

This Japanese resto is just beside Containers hotel. It sits in the same compound, and opened just last December. Their menu features the things your palate is sure to crave for in the cool, crisp weather of Tagaytay, including a bulalo-inspired ramen!

Open everyday from 9AM-9PM. It is located at 9028 SVD Rd., San Jose, Tagaytay City, 4120 Cavite.


Hotel Carlito

This European-inspired hotel is located just before you reach the rotunda if you’re coming from Sta. Rosa. They have 22 rooms, starting with their deluxe room, working their way to bigger spaces.

Deluxe Room


Mahogany Market

Tagaytay is known to have much cheaper fruits so if you’re a fruit-eater, you might want to binge eat your favorite fruits here or shop in the market before going down to Manila.

Tip: Avocados are usually expensive back in Manila, but here they sell it for about P70/kilo so you might want to stock up on that for your homemade guacamole or avocado toast for breakfast!


Thrift Shops

Foggy Heights Ukay-Ukay

For the traveling bargain hunter, you can indulge in your fashion fetish while on vacation here too. Not many know this, but Tagaytay has some awesome spots for thrift shops or ukay-ukay.

The shops are located along the Silang highway, near the rotunda. When you take the second exit from the rotunda, in about 100 meters you should start slowing down as some of the shops will be on your right. This one is located further down the highway, and the landmark will be a Chinabank on your right. It will be in the building beside it.

Tip: I’m sure on your way up, if you’re taking the Sta. Rosa route, you’ll notice the Japan surplus shops left and right. You can score some fabulous tea sets there if you’re looking for those types of thingamajigs.


Cornerstone Pottery

Speaking of tea sets and thingamajigs, if you’re looking for something handmade and unique, you might want to drop by the Cornerstone Pottery. They have an assortment of ceramic items that you might be interested to pick up.

Speaking of tea sets and thingamajigs, if you’re looking for something handmade and unique, you might want to drop by the Cornerstone Pottery. They have an assortment of ceramic items that you might be interested to pick up.

Check their schedule of workshops via Eventbrite for open slots for their May 9 Workshop and May 23 Workshop 


Cecilia’s Pasalubong

If you want something new to bring home with you, try this new pasalubong place instead of your usual Colette’s or Rowena’s. They have their own version of buko pie that might be to your liking!


Photos by Chris Clemente