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These Dogs Earned Their Disneyland Getaway After Helping Out So Many People

Dogs are just the best. Unarguably so. Their adorable antics and cute faces would lighten anyone’s day, and they have provided happiness to billions of people around the world. They have also aided in many military and police operations for sniffing bombs and drugs, tracking and recon, and rescue. We’ve even sent these canine cuties to space!

But above all, unique to these animals is their ability to give comfort and companionship to humans, especially to those who are in need of emotional or physical assistance.

Service dogs are dogs who are trained to help people with mobility and physical impairment, disabilities, mental disorders, and even emotional stresses. We have seen and heard the stories of many service dogs who help visually impaired people to go about their lives, help alleviate the stresses of those with emotional and mental conditions, and come to the rescue of those who are prone to seizures or attacks.

Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that trains assistance dogs and provides their services to those who need it at no cost. The organization is able to train dogs in various training centers throughout the US, match kids and adults with a dog that fits their needs, and provide the service to anyone in the US free of charge.

Last month, Canine Companions went to Disneyland with four service dogs for a day with some of our favorite characters. While it was a treat well-deserved for these dogs, it’s also, in part, their training to be able to effectively work in a highly stimulating environment like theme parks.




The pups got to meet lots of nice people and Disney’s beloved characters, and even got to play with Pluto!






But really, their adorable photos wearing cute Mickey Mouse ears is all we can ever ask for!