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The Singapore Zoo Just Introduced An Exciting New Way To Experience Its Rainforest

Visitors of Singapore Zoo since the first of July this year have been privileged to experience a new addition to this popular Lion City destination. And should you be in the Rainforest section by nightfall, you’ll now find the forest come to life around you in an interactive exhibit of lights and sounds. Welcome to Rainforest Lumina.




In celebration of its 45th anniversary and of its status as an evolutionary and open-concept attraction, Singapore Zoo has put together an interactive multimedia exhibit for guests to enjoy coming in the evenings. Named Rainforest Lumina, it’s the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The exhibit runs a whole kilometer through the zoo’s tropical rainforest section and lasts from 7:30PM until 12 midnight, with last call for entry at 10:30PM. Door price is $22 for adults and $16 for children.




The exhibit’s theme is “We Are One,” and the experience has been designed to highlight the idea of unity and co-dependency between all species, humans included, in conserving the natural world. The Creature Crew—a collection of animals that include an orangutan, a pangolin and a tiger cub, among others—stand ready to guide tourists through the 11 different zones that make up the Rainforest Lumina exhibit, starting at the Lantern Passage and moving through zones like the Shimmering Islands and the Garden of Virtues before culminating at the Arch at the end of the trail.

There are four interactive zones throughout the exhibit: the Sing Like an Animal zone, where guests get to play with music and sounds; Call of the Wild, a visual narrative on the resiliency of forest dwellers; Play Like an Animal, a place of fun and games with the Creature Crew; and the Wall of Fame, a photo opportunity with the Creature Crew.



The Rainforest Lumina exhibit was co-developed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Moment Factory, a Canada-based multimedia studio that specializes in creating experiences by means of video, lighting, sounds, architecture and special effects. Rainforest Lumina is the 7th in Moment Factory’s Lumina series, a series of experiences that started in Coaticook, Quebec and which have since expanded across Canada. Beyond Moment Factory and the Rainforest Lumina exhibit, Singapore Zoo also boasts a repertoire of 2,400 animals representing 300 different species, many of which promise interactive experiences beyond the usual view decks and petting zoos.




Photo from Wildlife Reserves Singapore or Moment Factory