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Take A Chance On Vis: Everything We Know About The Alluring Island Where They Shot The New Mamma Mia

The movie gods have recently blessed us with a thoroughly enjoyable film: the sequel to Mamma Mia, an entire decade after the smash hit musical took to the big screen. Back to Greece we go again, this time to the idyllic island of Kalokairi. Except, no, it’s not Greece this time, at least not really. Rather, they’ve taken us over to visit a neighbor further down the Mediterranean. This is the real Kalokairi—the lovely Croatian island of Vis.

Vis sits soundly in the Adriatic Sea, just off the coast of Croatia. It’s a tiny island, with a little under 4,000 residents—at least seven, eight years ago. Vis is little ways out from the mainland, the furthest of many islands that dot the Croatian shoreline, and the only point of access is a two-and-a-half-hour long ferry ride from the Croatian port town of Split.

While Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again may have put Vis under the spotlight, much of the island remains shrouded in mystery. It stopped receiving tourists from the start of the 1950s right up until the 1990s, which kept intrepid explorers from putting the tiny little rock on the map. Prolonged hunger and poverty, combined with a brief stint with the Yugoslavian military caused much of the endemic population to leave the island, further casting it in mystery.


Mamma Mia 2 Movie poster | Photo source Universal Pictures


The reclusiveness of Vis now serves as one of the island’s main draws. Years of being abandoned have left much of Vis virtually untouched, and a pristine and dramatic coastline is what greets tourists as they make port. The landscape dips into hidden pockets of sea and sand like that of Stiniva Cove and the shimmering subterranean wonder that is Blue Cave. Like how Donna was drawn towards Kalokairi, so too are tourists tantalized by the rustic authenticity of Vis’ small towns and the wild and undiscovered country that waits just beyond it.



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Life, along with many of the locals that had left many years ago, has returned to Vis since the turbulence of the late 1900s. Visitors will find that amid the tranquil beauty so characteristic of the island are communities that bristle with fun and vibrancy. Food is a big thing on little Vis, and restaurants like Roki’s and Pojoda serve meals that are delicious, satisfying cuisine that is as genuinely honest as the rest of the island.


Konoba Roki's Vis | Photo Source Roki's official website




The island offers a host of different accommodations, from the lazy bodegas of Villa Kamenica to the bohemian bunks at WearActive. While much of Vis seems to be locked in the past, it’s got enough contemporary comforts to make for a relaxing vacation spot.


Villa Kamenica, photo source villakamenica official website


As exciting as it may be to visit Vis, now especially with the release of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, keep in mind that countless other tourists now have the same idea. If you find yourself in the island, be mindful and respectful of the place and its people. Especially if you want to keep the place looking as pristine and as beautiful as the day Donna first alighted on its shores.



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