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Travel Wear For Your Man from The Crawl Spain

One of the most striking things about travel is how much you can learn from it. At the moment, we’re taking cues from The Crawl Spain, set in gorgeous Barcelona.

What better way to learn about a city than through those who call it home. With Chef Dani Aliaga and Chef Willy Trullas, both with widely successful restaurants and dining concepts operating in  the Philippines—Rambla, Tomatito, La Lola, and El Willy, among others—we travel vicariously through through their experiences. 

At the recent filming of The Crawl Spain, the two were joined by their third compadre Nico Bolzico, and together they headed to the city’s culinary gems.

As they explored the gastronomic hotspots in Barcelona, they also took the time to rediscover their beautiful hometown through a leisurely tour of the sites, from the La Sagrada Familia Basilica to Casa Batlló, two of Anton Gaudí's most famous works in Barcelona. They also headed to the Barcelona City Center and delighted in a cultural and historical tour at La Boqueria. 

The days were hot and bright, but we definitely took note as the chefs were able to keep up by keeping cool with their Calvin Klein and Lacoste eyewear. 

“When exploring a city as big as this, it’s a must that you’re dressed comfortably,” shares Chef Will, who makes sure to pack not only cotton shirts but several pairs of eyewear whenever he’s on a trip abroad.

“Also, more than just being a fashion accessory, eyewear are a necessity because they protect your eyes and help you to better enjoy the scenes and sights, without the blinding light,” says Chef Dani. 


It’s all about functionality for Chef Willy, but he appreciates the stylish edge of his Calvin Klein eyewear. 



Lacoste’s modern pair builds on a masculine and geometric shape, perfect for the stylish Chef Dani Aliaga.