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The Farm At San Benito Aims To Go Global—And They Begin This Move In 2020

The Chairman, Dr. Binod Chaudhary, shares their big plans for the well-known wellness destination.

Eco-luxury medical wellness resort and spa The Farm at San Benito welcomes 2020 with good news, as they launch their newest accommodation offering to the public this January called the Mahogany Villas. Boasting of five villas complete with four one-bedroom and one two-bedroom choices, a pool and deck area, your own pantry and a home entertainment, the spacious lodge is a must-try for everyone who seeks out the comforts of your home while relishing all the benefits and treatments of living in The Farm.

There are obviously more things in store for this wellness destination, and Chairman of CG Corp Global Dr. Binod Chaudhary has big dreams for The Farm. Since its acquisition by CG Hospitality under the multinational conglomerate in October 2019, expansions have become a ceaseless move to accommodate more local and foreign travelers. Known as Nepal’s first billionaire, Dr. Binod wastes no time in the hustle and continues to build more properties to cater to the evolving globetrotting and wellness-seeking crowd. Thus, the beginning of The Farm at San Benito as an establishment that will trademark the Philippines as the ultimate destination for wellness and hospitality.

Metro.Style got to chat with Dr. Binod on how he discovered The Farm, what he loves about the property, his future plans for this well-loved spa and resort, and its big leap to the global market.

What made you interested in investing in a hospitality business in the Philippines, specifically in The Farm at San Benito?

“Well, I believe it was my destiny. I first came here as a guest and I fell in love with this place. We found out that there’s so much more that could be done. It was nowhere close to what it is today, but we could see the potential. For a wellness destination to be successful, the most important thing is the service⁠—that we were able to provide the care. People come here to feel better and find a cure for their ailment, while others come here to remain healthy. And these guests need the right kind of facilities, including the personal care of the staff, the food, the treatments, the spa, and even the vegetation and garden. Everything.”

Even before acquiring the business, were you really a believer of holistic wellness?

“Yes. I used to go find new wellness places. The very first trip started 30 years ago, when I went to a modest but well-known place called Jindal in Bangalore. And then I started regularly going to different places.”

What did you find in The Farm that you first fell in love with?

“From the time you started driving towards the farm, you come closer and  approach the greens⁠—the trees, the forest-like things, you really feel that you're being guided to a destination. So the impression that you get is fantastic, very wonderful. Once you enter and come inside, the topography makes it very interesting. I think the previous owners have done a good job in terms of landscape.”

What are your expansion plans for The Farm?

“Everyday there is a huge expansion taking place! During the past year, we’ve added an interesting new restaurant, expanded our medical center, built a new range of villas, done the master planning, planned to build another 20 units of the next range of accommodation, banquet facilities, a golf course, and the farm residences for the old ones to come and spend their retirement years.”

Speaking of expansion, can you tell us more about the new Mahogany Villas?

“What we try to do is to bring in our learning and experience from everything else that we've done in this villa⁠—what we can further enhance⁠—not only the comfort, but also in the overall experience. That’s what we packaged here. It faces a beautiful site in front, the whole landscape in that area is in a completely different level. I think the interior has come out extremely well, with the colors, the use of material, the open outdoor area, the deck⁠—everything. There are two bedrooms, and there is a spa treatment room which is a prominent feature, along with the heated swimming pool.”

How would you like The Farm to be known for in the coming years?

“We’d like The Farm to be known globally⁠—for The Farm be the ultimate wellness destination in the world. All these efforts we’re putting in is also to create a product that’s very high standard. We also hope that The Farm will have multiple projects all over the world which is headquartered in the Philippines.”

Can you tell us about this The Farm global scale expansion?

“We are already in the final stages of signing off the project. The next The Farm is in Phuket, Thailand and the other is in Croatia. We want one in India someday, and somewhere in Latin America. We want to bring all our current systems, facilities, and processes to the world. It ranges from food and beverage to very highly specialized treatments that has been curated right here, by the people here in the Philippines. You cannot find hilot elsewhere!”

What are your expectations for the said project?

“I would hope that this will symbolize the presence of a world class institution. All about wellness which produces world class solutions that the whole world dreams about.”

In your opinion, why should the world choose the Philippines?

“I ask you⁠—why not the Philippines?”

Find more photos of the newly-launched Mahogany Villas in this gallery—one of the first developments in store for The Farm at San Benito:


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