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The Jet Set Crowd: Ruffa Gutierrez

Pack those bags and hop on a plane for an exciting travel adventure with Ruffa Gutierrez

Ruffa Gutierrez conquered the world while regally balancing a crown on her head when she won second runner-up in Miss World 1993, and graced the cover of the Metro International Shoot in Florence. 

“Oh my God, that was fun,” she exclaims, reminiscing about the shoot. “I loved it! I was really proud of myself and of the whole team that was able to produce that shoot. It seemed like it wasn’t work and everyone just got along; we had a lot of fun. It was one of my best covers of all time!”

Basking in the sun in Uluwatu

The shoot was unforgettable for her because it was a great experience, and “because we ended up [becoming] good friends.” Since then, Ruffa had been back to Florence for Cristalle Belo-Pitt’s wedding, visiting her favorite spots such as the Duomo and the Gucci Museum, among many. While she admits that she has the tendency to keep going back to the same places when she travels, Ruffa vows to be more organized in planning her travels (no more last minute trips!) and to try to go some place new at least once a year. 

Creating a desert storm on the sand dunes of Dubai

I try to stay away from all the tourist attractions, and [just] stay in one place for one week to discover the city—[to really] enjoy it. I try to live like a local—to experience what it is to live [in that city]. I think that’s the best. I’m trying to be a more organized traveler, [but] sometimes, I just go with the flow. 

Wearing Rajo Laurel in Panglao Island

I can’t travel without my face mask, lip balm, and phone. 

GO-TO TRAVEL OUTFIT AND/OR ACCESSORY? I always have a shawl or jacket with me wherever I go because I get cold easily (even when everyone’s sweating). 

Living like a princess at the Atlantis The Palm


The best place to shop for me is still Paris and London because they have the latest trends; they have everything that’s unique. Being an actress you always want to wear something that nobody else has and I just love the shopping there, [with] all the different boutiques and shops. I [also] have big feet, so I wear size 40 or 40 1⁄2, [so] I can’t buy anything in Asia. 


Get lost, forget about everything, and just enjoy your surroundings for the moment. Live in the moment. 

Ruffa at Niseko, Japan

I really want to go to Cape Town, South Africa. I haven’t been to Mykonos in Greece, Whistler in Canada, Prague, Iceland, Turks and Caicos... I promised myself this 2019, I’m going to experience different cities and yet I keep going back to my comfort zone. So hopefully by 2020, I’ll leave my comfort zone and experience other cities that I’ve never been to before. 

Photos from @iloveruffag. This article was originally published in Metro Magazine (Vol. 30, Issue 3)