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This Family With Three Babies Travel The World Full-Time; Can You, Too?

This couple, bringing around three beautiful babies with them, took off for a supposedly five-month trip around the world. That was two and half years ago. Today, they have managed to turn their five-month vacation into a full-time career as family travel journalists. Traveling, spending time with family, and having fun—it’s the best kind of life, indeed!

They call themselves The Bucket List Family—and they sold everything they had for an adventure around the world. The 29-year-old father, Garrett Gee, sold his Provo-based startup to Snapchat. The 32-year-old mother, Jessica, turned her back on her advertising career. They put $45,000 in their pockets and bounded off for a five-month trip until their money ran out.

But in the middle of their traveling, Jessica has managed to turn her BYU advertising skills into something more and in no time, she was product placing stuff in their lives. Garrett started striking up partnerships to keep them going. They have finally found a way to keep their travels financed and their pockets well and heavy.

Since they started traveling, the family has successfully visited over 50 countries, made over 150 flights, ticked off more than 100 weeks of full-time travel, and added one little angel into their once family of four.



If you’d like to follow their footsteps, the family has shared some tips on how they have kept doing what they love for years. Maybe you can do it, too?


Evolve and grow

Just like in life, Jessica and Garrett Gee have managed to grow throughout their journey. Garrett has now managed to acquire new photography and videography skills to keep their Instagram beautiful and always up-to-date with their adventures.

Jessica says, “In order to become a full-time traveler and travel journalist through social media, you need to figure out how you can best record a moment and then share it, whether through photography, video or text. Acquire the skills to be a talented storyteller in whichever medium fits you best.”



Create something meaningful

As influencers and travel journalists, the family has to always bear in the mind that they to keep creating something unique and meaningful—not just for their audience, but for themselves, as well. Because they keep doing what they love at their core, everything else follows.

Another key to keep creating content that resonates with your audience is to keep it unique to yourself and your brand. “Everyone is special in their own way, and if you can share that through your content, that will make you stand out. This will help you differentiate yourself from all the other travel bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers out there,” Jessica says.



“Having a million followers on social media doesn’t mean you automatically make a million dollars. We have friends with a million followers who can’t pay rent. It has helped us to have an entrepreneurial background. We’ve been strategic about what brand we want to portray. Our values are summarized in three words: adventure, culture and service,” Garrett adds.

An easy way to go about this is to set a goal. Setting a unique goal or a relatable goal will draw people to your cause. Travel 30 countries in 30 months. Visit all the branches of an international fast food chain. Be on a quest to find the perfect burrito. It all goes back to finding what motivates and inspires you, and that will translate in your work.

Bring not only meaning but information, as well. Sharing tips and tricks are always good ways to connect with your audience. Jessica adds, “Provide something for your audience that is valuable to them. That value can come in a variety of forms: travel guides and tips, ways to save money, awesome products, beautiful photos, unique experiences, funny experiences, inspiring stories, positive vibes, etc.”



Network with everyone

The couple and their three babies look like online celebrities, what with 1 million followers on Instagram. But Garrett reveals that they actually only use their phones about 10 percent of the day. He says that both he and Jessica work really hard throughout their traveling, sometimes way past their bedtimes, but they disconnect from things they don’t need by only using their phones for communicating or taking photos.

The key, the couple says, is to network with those around you. Jessica says, “Online and offline, be engaged with those around you. One of the best parts of travel is networking and connecting with people from all different walks of life. And that becomes very valuable as a travel journalist: Because you are able to provide value to the lives of others, others are able to provide value to you.”

They have also managed to grow their network by reaching out to relevant brands. Jessica shares that when they started out, they reached out to every kind of company there is to help them start out their adventure. At first, the companies weren’t paying them and were only sending them free gear to post about. Eventually, as they grew their brand, so did the brands who were partnering with them.

Eventually, Garrett was able to negotiate partnerships with Disney and Marriott—and then everyone wanted to get on board. It all comes down to doing their very best from the start and until now.