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This New Aircraft From Boeing’s Dreamliner Family Offers New Pleasures Even For Short Flights

We have very little freedom up in the air. Whether flying business or coach, it doesn't change the fact that we are stuck in an enclosed vehicle for hours, in close proximity to strangers, for the length of almost a day if one is crossing the Pacific. We have to hand it to the world’s most forward-thinking airline companies for continuously cooking up ways to make this test-of-endurance (that is, flying) as pleasurable an experience as it can be. One such outfit is Singapore Airlines which recently launched the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner in Manila via a traditional tarmac shower ceremony.  



It is the newest aircraft variant in Boeing’s Dreamliner family and Singapore Airlines just happens to be the largest customer for the 787-10, with firm orders for 49 of the type. 

So what are the pleasures this new aircraft promises the traveler? Quite a few. For the Business Class customer, improved relaxation care of a seat that reclines directly into a 76” fully-flat bed. Doesn’t matter if you’re just flying to the Lion City for an afternoon laksa or, from Singapore, flying to Perth for a stroll at King’s Park which overlooks the Swan River; you can spend the hours reclining or lying down as much as you want. The new seats also provide more personal space with its retractable armrests which can be raised and lowered. The adjustable dividers at the center seats provide for a customized level of privacy to suit specific needs. Customers flying from Singapore can also pre-select their meals up to a full day before the flight.



Flying economy is not without its improvements in the new 787-10. The backseats have been ergonomically-designed such that it contours to one’s back. There’s a six-way adjustable headrest. There are foldable wings to provide more neck support.



Here’s one more thing the flyer is in control of when in the 787-10: the light from outside. The windows are equipped with five electronic adjustments which allow the passenger to choose how much natural light she or he wants to come through.   

And as if one needs to ask, the new 787-10s will, yes, also be equipped with in-flight WiFi.



Singapore Airlines’ 787-10s will be used on flights up to eight hours and have started services between Singapore and both Osaka and Perth last May. Flights to Bali commence this July and more destinations will be added as more of its ordered aircrafts are ready. The 787-10 started flying the Manila-Singapore-Manila route this month (SQ915 departs NAIA Terminal 3 at 7:40AM and arrives at Changi Airport at 11:20AM daily; SQ918 departs Changi at 7:25PM, arrives in NAIA 11PM).