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This Ultra-Luxe Classic Grecian Resort Is Where Monique Lhuillier Spent Her Post-Spring Show Holiday

Skies above the Aegean sea, a stiff summer breeze sweeping in amid Roman columns white and massive. The blues of the Mediterranean lap at the shores of the Greek archipelago to one side, while on the other, hills topped with lines of cypress roll away into the Peloponnesian countryside. If you’re anything like Monique Lhuillier, this is the vacation you’re looking for, and you’re having it at Amanzoe.



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Amanzoe is a Greek luxury resort straddling the Aegean Sea and was the destination of Filipino designer Monique Lhuillier and family after her Spring 2018 collection in Paris. They even celebrated 4th of July here.



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The hotel is situated atop a hillside in Southern Greece near the Saronic Islands and the seaside resort town of Porto Heli, the “Peloponnesian Riviera.” The hotel itself, an Aman property, draws its name from the Sanskrit word “Aman,” which means peace, and the Greek word “Zoe,” which means life, and at prices ranging from around $1200 to $2700, the peaceful life is what you will have should you choose to book here.


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Arriving at Amanzoe is like stepping into a modern reimagining of Classical Era Greece, the reception building standing tall like a modern-day Acropolis. The entire Amanzoe property is scattered across the entire hillside. White buildings rise up out of the hill, their roofs held up by pearl white columns, while in between them verdant green courtyards and even an amphitheatre, of appropriate period design, spread across the vast sprawl. The accommodations themselves come in three types: the Pavilion, for smaller groups, the Beach Cabanas that open up right into the Aegean, and the villas, sprawling multi-room structures fit for big families and travelling parties. All accommodations are high-end and built in the same style, and each one features an infinity pool for you to relax in.




What’s there do at Amanzoe? You mean, apart from lying down and taking in the magnificence? Like the other destinations in the Aman line of luxury destinations, Amanzoe is a spa resort. Various wellness options are available, including a Watsu pool for aquatic relaxation, a yoga hall, and others that will let you massage and eat and exercise your way to health, with guest wellness practitioners stopping by regularly, such as movement instructor Anja Kursawe and osteopath and sports massage therapist Philippa Kershaw.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, the sanctuary of Asklepios is close by, while the island of Spetses, beautifully sophisticated, sits just off shore. For a complete getaway, avail of one of Amanzoe’s watercraft and set out into the lonely islets and hidden coves of the glassy Aegean.


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Be back at the resort in time to catch the famous Greek sunset set the sky ablaze as you sip sundowners prepared by the hotel bar. Enjoy a wood-fire oven pizza by your pavilion pool or enjoy world-class Japanese cuisine prepared by culinary wizard Keiji Matoba at Nama before you turn in for the night.



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Monique calls it a “magical place.” Few experiences are quite like lying comfy beneath European skies, an Aegean breeze blowing over you while you sip on Greek wine by the poolside after a day of wellness and relaxation. Few experiences, then, are like the experience made available at Amanzoe, a peaceful pelagic paradise amidst the hills of the Peloponnese peninsula, certainly one of the grandest of luxurious getaways.