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What The Metal Straw Really Means For The Mindful Traveler

You’ve heard it before—that plastic straws are the enemy. That they get into the blowholes of whales and the nostrils of sea turtles. That single-use plastics are suffocating our oceans. It’s a depressing picture, enough to turn you off of plastics entirely. So what can you do? Well, for starters you can get yourself a metal straw.

There isn’t that much to explain about metal straws. They’re pretty straightforward—they’re straws that are metal. What they mean for the environment, however, is what’s important. Owning a metal straw means you’ll never have to bother with single-use plastic straws ever again. Bring a metal straw and you’re good to go. That’s a countless number of plastic straws kept out of the ocean.

How much of a commitment is it to own a metal straw? Not much but it does require you to be a little more mindful with what you’re doing. For your metal straw to mean anything, you have to make sure to have it around with you at all times in case you ever get thirsty. Luckily, most metal straws come in handy little pouches for easy carrying.

Owning a metal straw can be the beginning of something. A more mindful you, perhaps? As Oprah once said, changing one thing is sometimes all it takes. If you’re going to use a metal straw, you might as well skip out on plastic bottles, too—that would be rather contradictory of you if you don’t.

There is, of course, that little upkeep that comes with owning a metal straw: you need to constantly clean it to keep it from getting dirty or stained. Keep a little brush on you for cleaning out the insides of the straw and you should be fine. Most straw sellers keep this equipment on hand.

Now you may be wondering where you can get a metal straw for yourself. In the Philippines there are a number of companies and stores that sell them. You can check out Sip PH, for example. A young company run by young minds, Sip PH sells metal straws along with reusable wooden utensils in neat little foldable packs that are easy to carry and look neat and tidy. Zero Waste Philippines sells both metal and bamboo straws, in case you’re turned off by the feeling of heat or cold brought about when drinking out of a metal one. Straws from Go Zero come in neat tikog pouches that are hand woven by local craftsmen. A quick search online will reveal countless other stores that sell sustainable straws.


Sip Ph


Zero Waste Philippines


Go Zero


The shift towards sustainability is a constant process that doesn’t happen in an instant. Of course, the best, most environmentally friendly option is to not use straws whatsoever, so if you can afford to ditch its use in your life, ditch it now. For those who can’t, however, head to the ‘net and get yourself a metal straw. Do it for the whales and the turtles.


Photos from @SipSteelStraws, @ph.zerowaster and @GoZeroPH