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What To Give Your Travel-Junkie Partner On Valentine’s Day

Expensive bouquet of roses and luxury chocolates are a thing of the past for the most romantic day of the year. Instead of buying these overused gifts, why not spend on something a little more practical for your travel-loving partner? Go on, the clock is ticking. You still have time to come up with something for February 14!


Monogrammed Leather Accessories Bag

Carrying so many power cords and earphones for your different gadgets can be such a hassle, especially when traveling. To avoid tangled up wires, why not organize your electric cables in one beautiful case? Check out The Tannery Manila’s Marcus leather keeper, perfect for everyday and travel use. You can even have it customized and have your partner’s initials or name monogrammed to the bag!





Leather Passport Holder

And since we’re already talking leather, why not get a customized authentic leather passport holder for your partner? Check out Astrid Leather’s passport holder, which can be customized depending on your leather preference, color preference, and thread color preference. For a personal touch, engrave your partner’s name or initials for an extra few bucks. And by the way, you’re supporting local, too!



Olloclip iPhone Lens Set

One thing is almost synonymous to traveling—and that’s photography! When you’re just too noob to snap your travel photos with a big-ass DSLR camera, why not turn your trusty iPhone into a master’s photography tool? The Olloclip Active Lens Set is the perfect accessory for an iPhone 7 or 8, which turns the smartphone’s built-in front and rear cameras into wide-angle and telephoto (2x optical zoom) lenses. Expert photos? No sweat!



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Instax Instant Film Camera

If taking digital photographs is not enough for your partner, why not make your travel memories last longer with a Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10? Mimicking the square ratio of Instagram, this instantly printing camera is easily a travel-junkie partner. It also has the control and composition of a digital camera so you can be sure your photos will turn out beautiful. Take a selfie, take an OOTD—and hang all your travel adventures on your wall to remind you of the good times.




Meem Multitasking Charger

Ever heard of this smart cable that goes perfectly with your smartphone? Yeah, that’s right. Meem is a smart cable that serves as a phone (or tablet) charger and a back-up device all at once. It’s especially handy when you’re taking a thousand photos on a boating trip across Lake Havasu, and you accidentally drop your poor phone to the bottom of the lake. If you plugged your phone to a powerbank through the Meem smart cable, not only is your phone getting charged—it’s also backing up all your photos, videos, contacts, and calendars. Plug your smart cable to another phone and your files are restored. Voila!



Bluetooth Earphones Slash In-Ear Translator

You’re going to France, to Japan, to Germany, to Czech Republic—you’re going to all of these places and there’s always that one time when the language barrier just won’t let you through. Using Google’s new Bluetooth Pixel Buds Headphones, you’ll never have to worry about not understanding each other because the right ear bud activates Google Assistant on the phone and will translate a sentence in a foreign language to your own. Right now, there are 40 different languages that the app can translate so that’s pretty neat, huh? And when you’re not needing it for translation, go ahead, use it for music or podcast.



Portable Espresso Machine

If your partner is both a travel junkie and coffee-holic, look no further. The Wacaco Minipresso GR is the perfect portable espresso machine that will give you the perfect ristretto, espresso, or double espresso, whenever, wherever. What’s so good is that it’s in a travel-friendly size, too, so you don’t overpack! Stuff in some ground coffee, add hot water, and start pumping—freshly made coffee, wherever you are.



Cover Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash