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When In Baler, This Should Be Your Temporary Address

With the summer over, you’re going to need to escape somewhere cool. A place to run away to when work schedule permits. A beach escape, somewhere with the salt of the sea and the sweetness of a nice, well, suite. In rural Baler, Costa Pacifica is a popular choice and with good reason.

You can’t miss it. It’s the first hotel to the right when you enter Barangay Sabang, and it is easily the biggest. Costa Pacifica’s clear white façade stands out from the laid-back, hippie landscape that makes up most of Baler, a touch of sparkling modernity amid the comfy coastal countryside. There’s a parking lot out front, so go ahead and bring a car.



Our hotel, from a bird's perspective. #MyCostaLife

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Relaxation is key at Costa Pacifica. This much is clear upon entering the generous space that is the hotel lobby. The hotel melds seamlessly into its surroundings, the lobby opening up into a pool deck lined with recliners, which in turn dips into a warm, freshwater infinity pool that appears connected to the Pacific Ocean. There’s a restaurant as well, just to the side of the lobby. With fruit shakes and meals of satisfying quality, you’ll find yourself pleased as you sink into your dining seats.



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Once you’ve checked in, head on up to your rooms (although you might want to ask about Baler tours before you head up. Costa Pacifica can take you on all sorts of adventures). The rooms elevate your feelings of comfort tenfold. They are well lit, with its big bay windows opening to balconies overlooking the sea. If you need a little rest after a long drive, you can pull down the blinds and hop into bed but be warned: once you get a feel of the soft and comfy mattresses are, you might not ever get to leave.

What’s there to do at Costa Pacifica? Like all of Baler it’s a kind of make-your-own vacation deal. Lazier visitors can lounge around and have a drink by the pool or on their private verandas, soaking in the sun. Adventurous travellers could rent a board and catch some waves right in front of the hotel, while the true lakwatsero can book a trip to the falls and reefs and mountains that make Baler a feat of natural splendour. Finally, there’s WiFi and airconditioning for the room bum, although phone signal is pretty bad. That’s okay – you’re in Baler to take a break, after all.



At about five thousand pesos a night, Costa Pacifica is a little more expensive than the other accommodations found in Baler. But while pricier, you certainly get what you pay for. With a restaurant serving meals of quality and rooms and open spaces designed for all sorts of relaxation, you’re going to want to spend a little more on a night here.