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Book Your Stay And Enjoy These Exciting Offers From Marco Polo Hotels

Those familiar with Hong Kong will know that in Tsim Sha Tsui, Canton Road rules! And Canton Road is home to the Marco Polo Hotels, from the Marco Polo Hong Kong, to the Gateway and the Prince, there are shops and restaurants where one can spend entire days in holiday bliss. Collectively umbrellaed under Wharf Hotels, their marketing and communications executives spent a few days here in Manila last week to keep us abreast of their latest offerings and corporate movements. 



At a cocktail dinner held at Blackbird, friendships were renewed, exciting raffles were offered, and a whole lot of goodwill was evident. Samantha Poon and Angel Wong led the Marco Polo Hotels delegation, and Samantha is a dear friend, as when my middle boy Matteo was doing his first Enderun internship, it was at Marco Polo Hong Kong, and Samantha was his immediate boss. 


Cocktail dinner at Blackbird


First up was their announcement that Wharf Hotels had promoted Dalip Singh as the new GM for Marco Polo Hotels, and under his purview are the three hotels along Canton Road. 

Exciting news was that in connection with the new direct flights between Hong Kong and Davao, the Marco Polo Hotels are presenting a dinner buffet called A Taste of Davao. This will be at Three on Canton (at the Gateway); and a number of traditional Filipino dishes will be prepared by Guest Chef Alex Destriza, who is the Executive Chef of Marco Polo Davao. There will also be special offers to Philippines’ booking agents.

Booking a stay during the middle of October will entice guests to 2 Complimentary tickets to the Marco Polo German Bierfest 2018. An annual ‘must go’ held at the Hotel, the Bierfest commences on the 17th of October.


One can also book direct to enjoy 15% Savings at Marco Polo Hotels, with room upgrade for Discovery members.



A bevy of exciting offers and news from Marco Polo Hong Kong, the Gateway, and the Prince. If in our childhood, we would associate the swimming game Marco Polo as a fun activity of aquatic tag; Samantha and Angel had definitely ‘tagged’ us, and we were happy to surrender to them!