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This New Hotel In Tagaytay Is A Nostalgic Retreat Up In the Highlands

New staycation place alert!

The holidays may be over, but it doesn’t mean that the beginning of hustle days should require putting some R&R in the backseat. We’re in the self-care era, after all—skincare and wellness are mandatory parts of our week, and a staycation spot is just a stone’s throw away from your place.

Scheduling me-time as early as the beginning of the year is a good move. If you’ve got more time for relaxation, skip the metro and drive a couple of hours to Tagaytay. With the cooler weather still upon us, it feels extra cozy to go around, explore the highlands, and retreat for a few days. 

A newly-opened hotel in town is slowly becoming a hotspot for peace and pleasure seekers. Meet Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay, which boasts of amenities and service that will make your stay as serene and tranquil as can be. When in need of a few days off, this easily-accessible destination is the perfect spot to restore balance and a sense of self.

The hotel is built from the original hotel structure that stood here decades ago, thus, the nostalgic appeal as you set foot inside its premises. The property carries a contemporary design with a rustic twist, as seen in the abundance of fine steel lines and warm wood elements. The design team took the value of merging the nostalgic elements of the old structure and the functionality for today’s modern travellers as top priority during the construction phase, which started in 2016.

Plush couches, elegant furnishings, and homey accessories are neatly arranged, shifting the mood from faraway place to a home away from home. Adding to the signature Tagaytay vibe is the presence of an actual pine tree that stood erect in the middle of the concrete area of the hotel, posing not just as another pretty, Insta-worthy backdrop.

Your vacation begins as soon as you enter your room. The 44-room accommodation presents each room as distinctively designed, so every visit is a different experience. Committed to green practices and sustainability, Royale Parc also incorporated recycled designs in the rooms.

The spacious, high-ceilinged lodge is complete with every basic need—from comfy pillows and sheets to hot and cold showers, a large cabinet with a safe and a balcony with a view of the outdoor pool and jacuzzi, and more. Another noteworthy thing is their refreshment bar, where they served water in a glass bottle in the place of plastic ones!

Of course, a retreat isn’t complete without hearty food, and Royale Parc introduces its in-house restaurant, Dekada, that serves heirloom dishes with history. Sit down and sample on well-loved Filipino fares like Melchora (Chicken Binakol), Aguinaldo (Twice-cooked Adobo), Rizal (sizzling Bulalo steak), and more, as the dining spot’s interiors appetizes you with a visual treat. Pop art murals and wood and capiz features weaves in the sentimental theme of the hotel.

And as you settle in your nest that is Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay, feel refreshed and synergized with nature until you’re ready to face life in the bustling city again. Repeat whenever necessary—this haven is always ready to welcome you back.

Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay is located at Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Junction West, Tagaytay City. For inquiries or reservations, call 0923-0889055 / (02) 984-1297 / (046) 402-1980 or email