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48 Hours in Bangkok: Villa Frantzen in Bangkok

As part of our 48 Hours in Bangkok series, Metro.Style headed to this chic, Michelin-selected restaurant featured in the Guide: Villa Frantzén in Bangkok, Thailand

What if you only had 48 hours in a city? This special travel series from Metro will take you across different destinations, highlighting the hotels, restaurants, and activities you must not miss.

Our first stop in Bangkok is the chic, Michelin-selected restaurant Villa Frantzén. A member of the Frantzén group, it’s a modern, casual, Nordic restaurant and bar that has Asian influences. The Michelin Guide calls Chef Frantzén a “Nordic god in the fine dining scene” so we were delighted get a chance to visit the restaurant through Heavens Portfolio

This restaurant is nestled in a villa inspired by the modern Nordic aesthetic: it has an open kitchen, granite floors, and huge windows the frame lush greens and exotic plants. It’s designed by Joyn Studio in collaboration with the group. 


Nestled in the quiet but trendy area of Yen Akat, Villa Frantzén is actually a restored private home. The main structure comrpises of  a dining area that is located right beside a large open kitchen.

The theater-style dining lets the guests experience the ‘drama’ in the kitchen, so to speak, creating greater anticipation for the dishes as they come out course by course. Found in the upper level are private dining rooms, with one that leads up to an outdoor terrace with a gorgeous view!

In a separate structure is the Cocktail Bar. The gorgeously fitted bar gives a Nordic chalet feel with cozy soft furnishings paired with wood, the solid stone bar countertop, and the warmth of leather perfect for the different concoctions of the bar manager and drink architect Gabriel Valdés.


The experience combines the Nordic aesthetic but gives it a multi-sensorial Asian touch. The magical touches are in the details, and we spotted some that elevated the experience for us: Gense cutlery, Calle Forsberg handmade ceramics, woodworks from Erik Mossnelid at Renskalla, to knives from Morakniv handpainted by Pernilla Nordman, and hand wash and lotion from the Frantzén Group and Bjork & Berries collab, to the Reijmyre glassware designed by Björn Frantzén and Stefan Gissberg


There’s a 6-course tasting that gives a variety of experiences, presented by Chef Nilas Corneliussen. His journey towards Villa Frantzén similarly captures the fusion of Nordic and Asian influences. He started out as a Thai boxer in high school and after an injury he gave up the sport. He kept his interest in Thai culture so he set out for Thailand to study economics. 

Halfway through his masters, he found his calling in the kitchen so returned to Europe to work his way up the best kitchens there: from Stockholm’s trattoria to Michelin-starred Esperanto, Noma, and even wining silver as part of the Swedish team in the Bocuse d’Or finals.

White beer and dark rye bread “kavring”
White beer and dark rye bread “kavring” | Photographs courtesy of Villa Frantzén

One of thie things to note in Villa Frantzén is that you have multiple ways of enjoying the experience depending on your mood. The 6-serving menu (THB 4200+++) gives two selections per course. And if you are dining with a group, this means you can try out over 12 dishes!

The dining experience begins with a selection of snacks, with White beer and dark rye bread “kavring” that has salted butter and rapeseed oil, or Coin portage with succotash, preserved truffle, and foie gras. While both can certainly open up your appetite, you must not miss the “kavring” as this traditional snack in Sweden, this dark rye bread is made with white beer, and served with "Bordier butter" and cold-pressed rape seed oil on the side. 

While the courses may differ per season, we highly recommend trying out two per course so you get the full experience. 

Pelle Janzon is Villa Frantzén's take on the Swedish classic
Pelle Janzon is Villa Frantzén's take on the Swedish classic | Photographs courtesy of Villa Frantzén

In our case, we first had the Swedish classic Pelle Janzon which is beef tartare, smooked eel, vendance roe and crème fraiche; named after a renowned opera singer. and Cured Norwegian salmon and beer poached king crab which were cooked with dill, ponzu, avocado, horseradish, and sour cucumber. 

Cured Norwegian salmon and beer poached king crab
Cured Norwegian salmon and beer poached king crab | Photographs courtesy of Villa Frantzén

Then there was the Chawanmushi with lobster, ikura, and fermented fennel; as well as the Artichoke barigoule with barbecued onions, roasted cabbage broth, and basil oil. 

Grilled scallops and fermented parsnips
Grilled scallops and fermented parsnips | Photographs courtesy of Villa Frantzén

Next was a choice between the Grilled scallops and fermented parsnips with truffle dashi, green onions, and walnut oil; or the Beef consommé and foie gras wontons with scallions, enoki, thyme, and ginger oil. 

The fourth course was a choice between Poached turbot and horseradish cooked with onion purée, capers, eggs, and browned butter; or the Lightly heated monkfish and leeks which had pistachio, curry caramelized onion, and saffron beurre blanc. 

The highlight of the set was the Chicken “pôche-grillé” and scrambled eggs which had truffle, mushrooms, chicken broth, and roasted garlic oil; as well as the Braised pork cheek and glazed beetroot with Jerusalem artichoke purée and hazelnut vinaigrette. 

The desert was delightful: Sea buckthorn sorbet with mango, vanilla, and peanut brittle; and the gorgeously set-out Matcha meringue with yuzu sorbet, lemon marmalade, and oolong mousse. 

A surprise course was the Petit Four which has Freshly baked miso madeleines with raspberry and liquorice sugar. 

For more information, visit and check out the 48 Hours in a City series of Metro.Style with the full Bangkok itinerary.

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