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7 Churches You Can Visit Virtually For Holy Week

From Notre Dame to Sagrada Familia, check out these churches for a virtual Visita Iglesia and Way of the Cross

It's our second Holy Week in lockdown, and because of the international travel ban and ECQ, we've learned to appreciate virtual tours, online masses, and even prayer groups on Viber and Whatsapp. 

One of the experiences that's been part of Catholic tradition is Visita Iglesia—where you visit seven churches on Maundy Thursday. In the past, this tradition has been so popular for traveling with family and friends via a road trip, or even plotting European itineraries by way of the churches you can cover on these days. 

Metro.Style found this handy guide to some of the most popular churches for Visita Iglesia and The Way of the Cross.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris, France

Join the tour of the sacred relics of Notre-Dame—these are the relics that were saved by the firefighters during the fire in 2019. 

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

This unfinished Catholic basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi is one of the most fascinating churches in the world due to its unique and organic design. This specific tour gives views of the exterior and the interior areas.

Sistine Chapel

Rome, Italy

This chapel inside the Vatican City is the current site of the papal conclave, or the process in which the pope is selected. The chapel features frescos on the inteirors and walls and The Last Judgment—both by Michelangelo. This tour gives a rare insider access inside the Sistine Chapel on the 500th anniversary of the ceiling's completion.

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Santa Maria del Fiore

Florence, Italy

Get an architecture lesson as you visit the world's biggest dome, virtually. One of Florence's landmark is Santa Maria del Fiore, the home of Brunelleschi's dome. 

St. Mark’s Bascilica

Venice, Italy

Travel guide Rick Steve takes us through the intricate details of the Byzantine church St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. This church is known for its gorgeous details details—from the domes that you can see from afar, the intricate statues, mosaics and other treasures. 

Holy Sepulchre

Jerusalem, Israel

For those who've never been to Jerusalem, this virtual tour comes close to giving the experience of being part of a tour group. You'll see all areas such as the Tomb of Philip Dauberny, Coptic Chapel, Rotunda, and more.

Church of the Nativity

Bethlehem, Palestine

Located in Bethlehem, this site is known as the birthplace of Jesus Christ, with the church originally commissioned by Constantine the Great. Join this Rick Steves tour.