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A Fab London Holiday With Businessman JM Lagdameo

JM Lagdameo lets us in on the details of a British Christmas spent in London. 


Describe London’s Christmas and New Year.  

As with most major cities around the world, the Christmas Holiday season is a time for celebration.  London is a perfect example.  One can tell the holiday season is upon us when Oxford Street is lined with Christmas lights similar to what one may see on 5th Ave in NYC. 

There are also quite a few outdoor markets that make an appearance only during this time of year between the months of November and January. One such market is the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  Another is the Southbank Center, which as the name suggests, is on the South bank of the River Thames. These markets can be equated to street markets you would find in other parts of the world but with its own British flare.  You can find British and European food served street style and the alcohol is always abundant. 

For a more visually stimulating experience, Kew Gardens is a must see during the Holiday season with its Royal Botanic Gardens completely illuminated in the evenings


As a family, do you have a time honoured Christmas/New Year tradition/ritual?

No matter where in the world our family is for Christmas, we always make it a point to hear midnight mass, then celebrate Noche Buena. Iya and I both come from fairly large families, so we always make it a point to spend the holidays with whomever from our families is in whichever city we may be in at the time.


Top things to do

  • Restaurants/Eat
  • Sightseeing
  • Plays/Shows
  • Museums
  • Shopping


Where to go

One of the go-to places currently would have to be Borough Market which is an older area that has been rejuvenated with newer restaurants, stores and pubs, and Portabello Road for countless antique finds. 

Where to eat

Top 3 choices for me would have to be (not necessarily in order):

  • Harry’s Bar (Mayfair)
  • Waterside Inn (Bray)
  • Dinner by Heston (Knightsbridge)



Hidden places only locals know

I wouldn’t call it hidden but more of trivia.  The London post office used to use its own series of secret tunnels underneath the city.  Off limits to the public and operations seized around 2003 but I believe it was reopened to the public earlier this year for tours of London’s “other” tube system.

Another place most people aren’t aware of is Peppa Pig world is located just outside of London.  Three kids and one at 4 years old, Peppa Pig World was a must see for us.  Paulton’s Park Amusement Park is home to Peppa Pig World.

If you are a cyclist, bring a bike and ask a local about the never-ending network of CYCLING SUPERHIGHWAYS that were setup for the London Olympics.  It is a completely different way of experiencing London. Highly recommended. 


Photos from JM Lagdameo