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Carry No More! This Suitcase Will Follow You Smartly Through The Airport

The geniuses at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are concocting something amazing for travelers—and we’re excited to get our hands on it!

Last Sunday, tech company ForwardX Robotics released on the tech floor their newest suitcase concept called the CX-1.

According to Travel+Leisure, the CX-1 can follow you around like a shadow, eliminating the need to lug around your suitcase. How exactly is the CX-1 doing this, you ask? The suitcase uses advanced facial recognition, LIDAR sensors, and a 170-degree wide angle camera that will track you wherever you go. Its four wheel drive lets it maneuver around the airport effortlessly as it follows you.

Don’t make the suitcase run after you, though! It only has a max speed of 7 miles per hour and a battery life of four hours on charge. It also comes with an anti-theft wristband that will sound an alarm if the suitcase is too far behind or if someone is attempting to take it away.

Is your smartphone getting a little low on battery while you wait for your flight? You can even plug it in your robotic suitcase to juice up! Cool, right?

The CX-1 sounds like every travelers dream, really, but right now, it’s still not distributed commercially.