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Treat Your Mom To These Exciting New Activities This Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is right around the corner. Have you booked any plans or surprises for your mothers yet?

You can always bring your mom to a nice restaurant, to the theater for a quiet movie, or to the spa for a refreshing treat. But like us, our moms can be just as adventurous and free-spirited if we give them the opportunity to be! There are so many things to be tried and experience inside Metro Manila—you just have to know what to look for.

This coming Mother’s day, drag your mom and your whole family out of your comfort zones and try out these exciting activities that will encourage you to get up, get out, and get going!


Solve a mystery

Mystery room cases have become popular with teens and there are a number of establishments that now offer these breakout mystery activities. But what if you can embark on a whole new different mystery-solving case where you explore the whole of Escolta, donning your deerstalker a la Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock is someone mom would totally find attractive!) to find a missing actress? 

Manila Who offers the Tale of Rose, a story that will bring you and your family around iconic landmarks in Escolta, Manila, where you solve puzzles and accomplish challenges to solve the case. The case-slash-tour will take around 3 hours to complete and comes with everything you need to complete the case: snacks, transportation, and a detective kit. Who knows? Your mom just might be the type who likes solving mysteries!

Rates per person vary, depending on how many people is taking on the case, from P968 to P2420 per person.

For more information and bookings, check out Manila Who’s Facebook page here.


Race with mom

Remember those days when your mom used to drive you to and from school because dad was too busy with work? When you would call “Shotgun!” for the front passenger seat when your mom and siblings would go to the grocery?

If you’re fairly confident about your mom’s driving skills, why not challenge her to a race aboard a kart? City Kart Racing Circuit Makati has several circuits to try out, from easy wide curves to challenging figure 8 layouts. They have slower karts for those who are karting for the first time, and pro karts for those who are ready to take on the challenge.


You might think it’s not something moms would usually want to try, but we actually spotted some moms enjoying just as much as their kids at the circuit! Check out City Kart Racing Circuit Makati’s Facebook page for prices.                                                                                                                


Loosen up a bit

Moms are usually the responsible one in the house, always having to take care of the kids, preparing the meals, keeping the house in tip top shape. On Mother’s day, why not let your mom bring her hair down, loosen up with a bit of wine, and let her creativity flow?

Sip & Gogh is a nice place to take your mom to so she can relax, enjoy a nice glass of wine, and express her creative side. Basically, you check their website and book a session. Those who have no idea about painting shouldn’t be anxious to try it because they would guide you throughout the session, and help your bring out your inner Van Gogh, so to speak. From mixing paint, to choosing the kinds of brushes and the kind of strokes to do, it’s an art class-slash-wine tasting in one!

Sip & Gogh has branches in Ayala Heights, Eastwood, Kapitolyo, Alabang, Cainta, and Century Mall so you won’t have a hard time finding a place and a time to fit your schedule. On Mother’s day, they have slots for two featured sessions, and slots for two open session.


During featured sessions, all participants will be doing the same painting, and the featured painting varies depending on the branch. On May 13, for example, you can choose to sign up for the 11 a.m. session at Ayala Heights to try and paint a beach-themed painting, or choose the 2 p.m. slot to try your hand at the Starry Night over Rhon painting. Open sessions are also available at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., where you can select whatever painting you want to try to recreate.

Guests can take home their masterpieces so make sure you have a wall in the house to hang it on! Prices start at P1,000, which includes all the art materials you need (you can only take home the canvas, okay!), a complimentary drink, and snacks. Cool, right? Book your session with mom or the whole family at the Sip & Gogh website.


Fly over the rice terraces

The Banaue Rice Terraces are nothing short of breathtaking, deserving of its title as the “Eight Wonder of the World.” It’s also all over social media in the past weeks ever since Avengers: Infinity War included a clip of Thanos chilling at the famous terraces.

What if, as a Mother’s day present to your mom this year, you can bring her a spectacular bird’s eye view of the Banaue Rice Terraces? Guess what? You can actually do that!

PhilJets is an aviation company that offers charter services that can take you to scenic destinations in the Philippines. One of their tour packages include the Banaue Rice Terraces Tour where you get to fly over the beautiful terraces, stay at the famous UNESCO site for a while, and then head back right to manila—all in the comfort of a private helicopter.

Image from PhilJets

Okay, so we cheated a little, and this activity is not just inside the metro. But the heli tour will depart from the PhilJets Hangar in Pasay and will only take your 2.5 hours to get to Banaue. It’s as if you just got caught in traffic from Quezon City to Alabang! The helicopter can accommodate up to 5 people so you can bring your mom, your dad, and your siblings along. The views are spectacular from the helicopter—just make sure your mom is not aerophobic!

Check out the prices for their Banaue Rice Terraces Tour and their other charter services at the PhilJets website.