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Genius Packing Hacks You Should Read Before Your Next Flight

We are traveling more and flying more, which means we are spending more time packing more, too! But have you yet to master the sublime art of packing? If not, here are some tips to get you on that next trip with less hassle and more finesse.


Cling wrap is your friend

Image from Map Happy

Have you ever stowed your lotion, conditioner, or other toiletry bottles in your check-in luggage, only to find out that it has burst open to destroy everything it came into contact with?

Cling-wrap every single cosmetic bottle that has the potential to leak, and then pack them all together in one cosmetic pouch. That way, you can keep your cosmetics and toiletries organized, and keep them from contaminating your clothes or shoes, too.


Say hello to dryer sheets

Image from Sondre Travel


Dryer sheets are staples around the house to keep your laundry drying more efficient and sophisticated. It leaves clothes untangled and fresh-smelling when you pull them out from the dryer. But dryer sheets have become staples in around-the-house hacks, as well, some using them to wipe away dirt from surfaces, clean pots with stuck food, and even clean pet hair from clothes and furniture.

Dryer sheets have also become a cult favorite of frequent flyers who dread the musty luggage smell that sticks to their clothes when they travel. So to keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout your entire trip, throw in one or two dryer sheets on your luggage when packing.


Packing shoes easy

Image from This Lady Island


Do you ever wonder how you can pack your shoes without dirtying your whole bag? Stow your shoes in a shower cap to keep the soles covered and mess-free. To save more space, stick your socks inside your shoes so you won't be rummaging your luggage the next time you're changing your footwear to go out.


Never lose a pair

Image from Space Wise


When you travel fashionably, it's hard to not pack at least a number of earrings and accessories. Do you tend to lose the pair of your earring? The next time you're packing, keep your earrings together by sticking the pair on one button.

Necklaces with delicate chains are classic wardrobe staples—and they're always the hardest to keep and bring around because they tangle really bad. To keep your necklaces untangled, use a paper straws (paper, not plastic, okay?) and slide the necklace chain through the two ends of the straw, and then clasp the chain closed. Trim the straws to suit your necklace's length.


Wrinkle-free clothes


De-wrinkle sprays have been mushrooming, claiming they can remove wrinkles from your clothes without having the need to iron. When you're traveling, of course, it's not too handy to carry around a steamer or a flat iron! So for your last-minute de-wrinkling needs, why not make and bring your own wrinkle-blasting spray?

Combine 1 tsp conditioner, 1 tbsp white vinegar, and 2 cups water in a spray bottle, and then shake to combine. To use, spray lightly on your clothes (you're going for damp, not wet), and then pull to help smoothen out the wrinkles.


Waterproof your things

You'll never know how the weather will treat you wherever you are going, so make sure your suitcase is rain-ready by waterproofing your things. You can be more efficient and buy separate waterproof travel bags, and stow in your things and clothes one bag per day. These waterproof Yamiu travel shoe bags are now one of the hottest items on Amazon, and will only cost you $12 for four.


You can also opt to use plastic dry cleaner bags and line the inside of your luggage to protect your clothes. The plastic bags also comes in handy later on your trip and works as a nice compartment when you need to separate the clean clothes from the used clothes.