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Ghost Train And Hemingway’s Table?! All The Exciting Moments To Look Forward To At “The Crawl Spain”

Three muy guapo hosts are heading to Barcelona this weekend for Metro Channel’s The Crawl Spain and we’re so hyped to follow their journey!

Leading the pack is Dani Aliaga, restaurateur and marketing genius behind Spanish concepts here in the metro like Rambla, Las Flores, and La Lola Churreria. He will be joined by hot foodie and entrepreneur Nico Bolzico, and world-renowned chef Willy Trullas—a.k.a The Sexy Chef—who put up Tomatito here in the Philippines.

Here are the most exciting things and moments you should look forward to as they crawl the streets of Spain:



Mouthwatering food

Barcelona is a city brimming with culture and cuisine. And in Spain, food is meant to be celebrated and shared. Dani, Nico, and Chef Willy hop from one restaurant to another, from a beachfront restaurant serving amazing paella and seafood to alleyway nooks offering great tapas and cheeses.


Tapas and cheeses at Xarcuteria La Pineda




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What makes a good paella

Do you know what makes a really, really good and classic Spanish paella? Well, you’ll know it from Chef Willy, who has built his Shanghai culinary empire on tapas and paellas. He talks about socarrat and al dente, stuff you should look for in a true traditional Spanish paella at the link below.


Paella from Pez Vela


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Ghost train

Spain is the 3rd largest wine producer in the world and it is home to the cava, bottled fermented sparkling wine that originated from Spain.

Dani, Nico, and Chef Willy hop on an underground train that’s been used for hundreds of years to get to the Bodegas Codorniu, the 2nd largest producer of cava in the country.

Is it a drunk train? A ghost train? Or merely an old old train that’s been well kept and maintained? Well, watch The Crawl Spain to find out!


To the basement of Codorniu



Skipping the months-long reservation list at Disfrutar

Disfrutar has landed itself at The Diners Club World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy list—and for good reason, too. It has some of the most eccentric and surprising dishes, from magic olives that are not olives, tarte tatin that reminds you of broken tile mosaics by Gaudi, and transparent macaroni pasta that’s made without flour or egg, but just ham broth.


Carbonara with transparent macaroni


Dining in Disfrutar requires booking months in advance—and Chef Willy got the exclusive expressway straight to the kitchens of the restaurant.


Chef Willy at the Disfrutar kitchen



Hemingway’s table

Who could not possibly know Ernest Hemingway? He is a novelist and writer who has traveled the world for his stories. At one point in his life, Hemingway spent quite some time in Spain to write Tuna Fishing in Spain and Trout Fishing All Across Europe: Spain Has the Best, Then Germany. And during his stay in Spain, one of his frequent dining spots is Sobrino de Botín, the oldest restaurant continuously operating in the world.

Dani and Chef Willy visit the famous restaurant to try their signature cochinillo—and sit at the table where Hemingway used to sit for his meals.



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Quirky and fun hosts

More than the great food and destinations to explore in Spain, possibly the biggest charm of The Crawl Spain lies in is its quirky and fun-loving hosts. They love and know good food, as much as good company. And with Dani, Chef Willy, and Nico together, there really is no dull moment.





Catch The Crawl Spain with Dani, Nico, and Chef Willy on September 1, Saturday, 8 p.m. on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD. If you miss it, you can also watch the episode on's Youtube page.