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Have Your Travel OOTDS Professionally Photographed

Everyone’s experienced this travelling horror story at least one point in their life: You go to a dreamy destination, fall in love with its beauty, and realize the absolute importance of posting this on social media (if it’s not on Instagram—then did it really happen?) You ask a friend or a complete stranger to take your photo, giving them specific instructions on how you want it shot. But they do exactly the opposite of what you just asked, and you’re left frustrated with a blurry picture of you photobombing that guy with the weird sunglasses.

Thankfully, the Instagram gods heard our prayers—and you can now bid adieu to the cycle of getting your hopes up for an IG-worthy shot and then seeing ugly thumbs obstructing the breathtaking view.

SweetEscape connects vacation-goers to local photographers in more than 300 cities around the world—it’s like an Airbnb for photo services. You simply choose your destination and book a session at least two weeks in advance; they’ll pair you up with a professional photographer from the city. Your photographer will follow you around for 2 hours, so that you can have your posed, candid, or even plandid shots taken, sans the blurry shots. And because they’re locals, you get insider information on the best secret photo spots, and maybe even leads on where to find the best cup of latte in town.

Manila-based fashion influencers like Liz Uy, Janina Manipol, and Kryz Uy have all trusted Sweet Escape to capture memories from their vacations. Even Anne and Erwan booked them for a stunningly dramatic photoshoot at Nami Island, Korea. For $300 to $400 a session, we think it’s a really good deal. Book your own photo shoot here!

Below, some of Metro.Style’s double tap-worthy picks from SweetEscape:


These couple photos have us in love:







Say hello to picture-perfect group shots!



Once in a while, you need to pack the bags, get your girls, and go on a trip. Captured by Felix in Melbourne. ??

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Double tap-worthy OOTDs all over the world:





Classic Parisian Pose, but nobody can do it like @mariarahajeng, effortlessly.  Captured by Polina in Paris.

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Exploring the quieter side of Rome with @kryzzzie ???? Captured by Polina in Rome.

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