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Here’s A Tour Around Emirates’ Newest Boeing 777 First-Class Cabin

Have you ever wondered what a 5-star hotel looks like suspended in the sky?

Virtual tours inside Emirates’ newest Boeing 777 luxury cabin are making rounds on the internet, and it’s no surprise why. The first-class section, which features six fully enclosed private suites inspired by Mercedes-Benz, resembles a hotel, with each room measuring 40 square feet wide, laid out in a 1-1-1 alignment.

A suite includes floor-to-ceiling walls and doors, a NASA-inspired zero-gravity seat, luxury bedding, and even virtual windows that flash real-time high-definition videos taken by exterior cameras—now even people seated along the middle aisle get a window seat!


With amazing inflight entertainment (which includes a 32-inch touch screen TV that features 2,500 channels), guests can enjoy long flights on this one-of-a-kind cabin. They will also have  a customizable mood lighting system with 10 different functions, a luxury vanity kit, a large dining table, a closet, and a mini fridge filled with gourmet snacks. They can even adjust the room’s temperature so that the cabin will not be too cold or too warm.

Get a glimpse of how the rich fly through these videos below. Ready your passports and enjoy your virtual tour!


Cover photo from the official Facebook page of Emirates