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How About Bali For Holy Week? We Searched The Cheapest Business Class For You

To those planning last-minute trips for Holy Week, here’s a very good option: Bali. Near enough and not so expensive. Having done quite a bit of research, the cheapest business class option as of this writing is a Singapore Airlines flight on Monday or Tuesday afternoon (March 26 or 27).

You may spend the evening in Singapore and enjoy your usual chili crab, then billet at the Crown Hotel Changi for your early 8am flight to Bali. You’ll be in Bali by 11am, just in time for the 2pm check in.



If you want to spend more time outside the hotel and airport during your Singapore layover, you may also visit the Little Island Micro-brewing Co. in Changi Village. It serves handcrafted beers in a rustic slash industrial setting. Dinner (wagyu, lamb, ribeye, etc) is not an option on Monday but it is on Tuesday. But there’s a hawker place a few steps away. The view is that of trees and the sea, and your kids, if you brought them, would have plenty of room to play in.



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In Bali, you may consider the Ungasan Clifftop Resort safely tucked in the Bukit Peninsula. Resorts in this area are known to be celebrity favorites because of its highly private atmosphere and magnificent views. The villas at the Clifftop are known for its beautiful architecture.






Any of the Alila resorts across Bali might be of interest to you, too. 

If you’re looking to spend a bit of time outside your resort, there’s a busking night at 9 Angels Jl. Suweta No.32, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar;  (+62 817-776-768) On the 29th, from 3PM to 10PM, join an open jam (Friday’s Ngamen Nite, they call it, usually featuring an artist). The atmosphere promises to be relaxed and convivial. There’s an open fire, vegetarian food, and a coffee booth.



For your flight out of the island, there is a 13:20 flight on Saturday (March 31), which means you’ll be driving back into your house by midnight of the same day.


Lead images from @theungasan