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Iconic Locations Inside Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar To Cure Your “Goyo” And “Heneral Luna” Hangover

Once you set foot into the cobblestone village of heritage houses in Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, you’re instantly sent back to the Philippines of the Spanish colonial era. This is exactly why the now popular tourist destination has been the location of choice of popular TBA Studios period films Heneral Luna and Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral.

Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar is a passion project of Jose Acuzar who decided to recreate a Filipino heritage village after seeing the ones from other countries. The whole area is a living museum, whisking us back to our colonial past. EIC on the Move host Raul Manzano explores its 26 hectares of 60 reconstructed, restored, and replicated heritage houses from all over the Philippines, and shows us the three most iconic spots to visit for your Goyo and Heneral Luna fix.



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Casa Lubao

Built in 1920 and owned before by Valentin Arrastia, Casa Lubao represents the merging of Spanish and American influences since it features a brick or stone first floor and then a traditional wooden upper floor. During the war, the house was almost destroyed by the Japanese, but they then decided to turn it into a headquarters for the Japanese soldiers.



If the interior and exterior of the casa look familiar, it’s because it’s very close to Don Mariano’s house in Goyo. We remember the shot of the first floor when Goyo and his soldiers first arrive at the house to seize Manuel Bernal. It’s also the first time that Goyo laid eyes on Remedios.


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Hotel de Oriente

Hotel de Oriente is considered the very first luxurious hotel in the Philippines, designed by Juan José Huervas y Arizmendi and owned by the Spanish business tycoon Don Manuel Pérez y Marqueti. The hotel once stood proud in Binondo, before it was destroyed during the World War II.

Inside Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a reimagined Hotel de Oriente, complete with meticulously crafted mosaics and sculptures hand-made by their in-house carvers. With such complexity and attention to detail, the Hotel de Oriente is only 75 percent finished.



Imagine now the lobby filled with Americans in suits and military uniforms, then you have the scene in Goyo where General Jose Alejandrino meets with General Elwell Otis and General Arthur McArthur to negotiate for peace.


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Casa Biñan

Casa Biñan is one of the most iconic houses in the whole of Las Casas Filipinas since it’s a replica of the historical home of Dr. Jose Rizal. When Las Casas Filipinas was being made, there were efforts to relocate the original house from Laguna to Bataan, but protesters intervened. Unfortunately, in 2009, the heritage house was devastated by Typhoon Ondoy, leaving the replica in Las Casas the only living memory of the hero’s ancestral home.

The house is huge, and looks like the many casas inside Las Casas Filipinas. But the yard of Casa Biñan is pretty special since it’s where the iconic death scene of Heneral Luna was shot.


Scene from Heneral Luna


Casa Biñan yard


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