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9 Awesome Trips With Dad For 2021

Start planning that bonding trip with Dad for 2021 now! Here are our top 9 suggestions

The year 2020 may have put a damper on our tirelessly loving fathers and husbands’ celebrations, but that only means you can double the fun next year. So wives, daughters, and moms, get ready to surprise your man! We’ve put together a list of five-star trips for any dad that’s all about bonding (and even soul-searching). 

New Zealand |

Camping and Fishing in New Zealand

Best for: Dad and his Dad
When to go: January to March 

Dust off the fishing rods and suitcases, it's high fly fishing season in New Zealand! If your partner sorely misses fishing with his old man, there's no better way to celebrate early Father's Day next year than a road trip with pops. And there really is no better place to do it than New Zealand (probably the safest country on the planet). So rent a camper van to take all of that NZ beauty in and plan their trip to South Island to catch rainbow and brown trout, and even salmon! 

Travel tip: Secure a Fishing License for Non Residents with the local Fish & Game Council. Book the camper van with Britz starting at $105/day. Plot stopovers with the Department of Conservation, which manages more than 200 campsites around the country for just NZ$6 (about PhP 200) to NZ$10 (about PhP 300) per person per night. 

Spain | Ceia Ylagan

Ultimate Foodie Trip in Spain

Best for: Your family with his siblings and families (parents included!)
When to go: March 7 to 14, 2021

Food's the best way to bring any family together. If you know hubby’s been looking forward to resuming Sunday lunches with the clan, pump it up and celebrate a get-together in Spain. And this is not just dining in the streets of his favorite city. Cook, eat, drink, and laugh through Madrid, La Rioja, San Sebastian, Bilbao, and Barcelona in this one-of-a-kind trip.

Paella, chorizo and sangria | Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza

Churros con chocolate | Ceia Ylagan

Travel tip: A Taste of Spain will take them to the said locations for €2,980/person. That's for eight days, including lodging, food, tours, and flights within the country. They only accommodate 10 to 16 people per tour, so reserve while it's still available!

Ninja Tour In Japan

Best for: Dad and son
When to go: March to April

Dad and son can live up to their animé dreams and experience Tokyo through the eyes of a ninja! Wear real costumes, train in shuriken (knife throwing), fukiya (blowgun), and ninja sword fighting, and calm the mind in a traditional Japanese green tea ceremony. After enjoying a special ninja lunch, cap the day with a guided walking tour around Asakusa.

Ninja tour | Airbnb Experience

Green tea ceremony | Airbnb Experience

Travel Tip: Book with Ninja Tour Tokyo. Priced at PHP5,000 per person.

Germany & Austria | Edelweiss Bike

Guided Motorbiking Tour Around The Alps

Best for: Dad and his best buds
When to go: May to September

It'll be a boys trip to remember, and a dream come true for sure, driving around the European motorcycle paradise — the Alps. The relaxing tour, with breathtaking views of towering mountains and beautiful lakes in Southern Germany and Austria, offers side trips to King Ludwig's palace, Herrenchiemsee, and the historic city of Salzburg. Hubs and his best buddies will pass through valleys and mountain roads to savor unforgettable vistas in this 7-day trip. Peak tourist season is July to August, so try booking before or after for the best experience. 

Edelweiss Bike

Travel tip: Edelweiss Bike Travel offers the vacation package beginning at $3,150/person inclusive of the bike, lodging, and food. Just bring gear and International Driving License

Scotland |

Whisky Distillery Tour and Tasting in Scotland

Best for: Dad and Mom
When to go: May to September

Indulge in fine whisky while enjoying the romantic and scenic spots of Speyside when you tour the famed Highlands sub-region for their top whisky distilleries. Visit Glenlivet, Dalwhinnie, Benromach, and more with your favorite drinking partner. With tours available year-round, it's best to avoid the peak months of July and August and plan to visit May, June, or September. These months offer the best weather and most daylight.

Whisky tasting and distillery tour |

Travel tip: Viator gives top rating tours that fit your budget, from one-day trips ($90/person) to 3-day packages ($370/person). Overnight to 3-day packages provide accommodations. All include tasting and transportation. 

Singapore | Ceia Ylagan

Singapore Grand Prix

Best for: Couples’ barkada
When to go: September

There won’t be any night races happening around Marina Bay Street this year, but F1 fans can bet on rooting for their teams on 2021. Singapore Grand Prix is a whole new encounter you and your man shouldn’t miss watching with your barkada, from the exhilarating races to the top performing acts. Just last year Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gwen Stefani, Swedish House Mafia, and Fatboy Slim shared the stage with must see artists from all over the world. 2021 is bound to be a blast.

Singapore Grand Prix |

Travel tip: Keep your eyes glued here to score the best tickets. Single day ultimate race plus VIP concert packages range from $750 to $2500 per person.

Peru | Unsplash

Hiking in Machu Picchu

Best for: On his own
When to go: September to early November

If it’s soul-searching your partner is after, nothing compares to exploring the outdoors and getting lost in history. He can do both in the UNESCO-listed wonder of Machu Picchu. Visit during the winter months to avoid large crowds that come on July and August. A full-day tour will take him through the jungle and up the mountains on a train ride. On foot, climb to the citadel of Machu Picchu while roaming the ruins and learning about this lost city’s history. There’s the Sacred Inca Terraces, the Sun and Condor temples, the Sun Gate, and the Incan Bridge. It’s a trip that guarantees he’ll come back renewed.


Travel tip: Prep for this adventure months before, as hiking in the high altitudes of Machu Picchu can be quite a physical challenge. Start off with exercises that focus on cardio and endurance that will make the arduous 6-8 hour daily trek much easier to deal with.

Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park

Best for: Dad and the whole family
When to go: September to November

We’ll never outgrow theme parks, and going to one as a family is a really good excuse to live out your childhood dreams. And who doesn’t want to be part of the Avengers? Avengers Campus, slated to open in July this year in Disney California Adventure Park, lets you all do just that — play pretend for a day (or two!). Check out the Web Slinger ride, step on board a Quintet to Wakanda, and meet your heroes like Black Widow, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and more!

Avengers Campus in Disney California | Disney Resort website

Travel tip: Disney parks are least busy around September to early November, and booking weekday passes offer less crowds, too. But you may miss some shows and performances on lean days. Head to Disney’s website to book your tickets.

Vietnam | Tour Radar website

Photography Tour in Vietnam

Best for: Dad and daughter
When to go: October to November

Delight in the colorful sights of Vietnam in a photography tour dad and daughter will relish for a lifetime. The journey takes them through Ho Chi Minh City, Chau Doc, Hoi An, Hue, Ninh Binh City, Halong Bay, and Hanoi. See Vietnam through the lens as the photography workshop opens eyes to capture humanity and (with Vietnam's cool weather without the downpours this time of the year) its inspiring natural beauty. Father and daughter bonding goes on a different level as they can take turns being the photographer or artist’s subject.

Some of Vietnam's photogenic sites | Tour Radar website

Travel tip: The highly rated Vietnam Photo Tour via Tour Radar for $2,006/person is an 11-day package that includes accommodation, meals, transportation, guide, and insurance. 

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