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Suitcases To Get You There In Style, Part 2

We found yet more suitcases to help you get there in style. Remember: traveling in style doesn't only mean packing the most eye-catching outfits on your trip; it also extends to the luggage of your choice. 

Check out more suitcases you can travel in style with (and come back for more next week!):




@domjlau is #PerfectingTheJourney with #TUMI19Degree in Matte Black.

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American traveling bag and travel accessory maker Tumi has mastered the art of marrying durable material and stylish design. Tumi specializes in manufacturing must-have bags for the avid traveler — especially for the kind that likes to spend a lot of time outdoors. Their range of products covers everything you need from needing heavy duty luggage for packing heavy for a long-haul trip, to light carry-on handbags and cross-bodies that are perfect for carrying around your essentials when exploring a new destination. Best of all, Tumi offers customers a range of different travel sets that feature various combinations of their luggage and bags. Let their sales representative know about your needs, and they'll gladly point you to the right one. 




Valextra was one of the first luxury luggage brands to emerge around the same time air travel took over the world and become the most popular mode for international travel. They popularized smaller and more compact luggage that passengers could easily carry and move around on their own without a valet or porter that was, of course, still on par with these travelers' discerning tastes considering that many of their pieces are crafted from alligator, hippopotamus and elephant skins.. Ladies will find tons of handbags, cross bodies, sling bags, satchels, reasonably sized duffels, a leather backpack or two, and even matching sets of luggage with Valextra. 


Globe Trotter 


If a piece of luggage is good enough for the Queen of England, it should definitely pass your standards, too! Original Victorian machinery that sews together strong handcrafted leather is what Globe Trotter luggage is known for, and one of their first ever clients was the Queen herself, indeed. The brand does feature a noticeable vintage and old charm feel, which has made it highly popular for those who like making a statement when they travel — beginning from the time they set foot in the airport. From hard shell luggage to girly sling bags, Globe Trotter has mastered the art of luxury luggage making. 


Swaine Adeney Brigg


If you've always wanted custom-made luggage, look no further than Swaine Adeney Brigg. The brand has made pieces for members of the British royal family and is the go-to brand for avid travelers with specific needs that no ready-made luggage brands just can't meet. While they can bring to life a design of your making, every finished product will always be done in their signature bridle leather and finished off with brass locks and detailing. Luggage and bags alike can be made to order. 


Cover and content images by Christian Vierig/Getty Images