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Suitcases To Get You There In Style, Part 1

Gucci Tian GG Supreme Suitcase


This four-wheel cabin luggage is a mobile work of art. For those who are very particular about how their luggage looks, the Gucci Tian suitcase is a perfect travel companion. The Tian print that contrasts the signature GG Supreme canvas is inspired from 18th-century Chinese tapestries and screens, which gives the luggage a Western and Eastern fusion touch. The luggage is made from Italy with materials with low environmental impact. This suitcase retails for $3,490.


Goyard Bourget PM


Goyard is one of the most revered brands around the world and this trolley suitcase does not fail to deliver the attention to detail and craftsmanship that the brand is known for. The exterior’s Goyardine coated canvas is hand-painted, and framed with a palladium hardware and black leather trim. Inside, the striking yellow color is not only its best feature. There are dual zip pockets, dividers, a garment harness, and dust bags that make packing and segregation much easier.


Ghurka Military Stripe Leather Rolling Trunk


When it comes to luxury and security, Ghurka takes them very seriously. The brand, founded by Marley Hodgson in the early 1970s, was inspired from the British commander’s centuries-old camping gear. And since then, Ghurka has prided itself for creating handmade leather goods that are known to stand the test of time. The Ghurka Military Stripe Leather Rolling Trunk is no different and is made with leather, twill, and polished nickel hardware. The Ghurka trunk does not retail in any store and is custom-made. You can get your hands on this piece of luggage for the price of $7,500.


Fendi Printed Faux Textured Leather Travel Trolley


Part of the ‘Silvana Mangano’ tribute collection, this Fendi trolley makes traveling more sophisticated. For practicality, it has front pockets that make it easy for the user to reach for travel documents at the airport. For security, the padlock fastening at the side gives added security. In terms of design, the iconic double-F logo is emblazed on the suitcase’s exterior, framed by gold studs and trimmed in smooth, signature brown leather. The Fendi trolley retails for $4,500.


Victorinox Spectra 2.0


While Victorinox isn’t one of the most expensive suitcases out there, it has certainly earned it spot among the best by delivering sophisticated design, quality, and security when it comes to their luggage. The new hard-shell Spectra 2.0 collection not only looks vibrant in its red color (it also comes in white and black); it also makes for very easy packing since it has compartments for safe transportation of electronic devices, tickets, and passports. Security-wise, Victorinox has you covered, as well. The Spectra 2.0 also comes with the Swiss Tracker Big Tracking program so you can track lost luggage for free. With all of these, it’s really a good deal to pay around $689 for one.


Hermes Orion Suitcase


This modern and sleek-looking suitcase from Hermes is created by none other than the Hermes design director himself, Gabriele Pezzini. This beautiful piece of luggage is made with a brushed anodized aluminum shell and reinforced with carbon interiors for durability. It also joins the no-zipper, no-cloth trend in suitcases, making it harder to hack or destroy during travels. The Hermes Orion suitcase retails for $12,100.


Rimowa Topas Cabin 34.0L


Another leader in the manufacturing of premium aluminum and polycarbonate luggages and carry-ons is German brand Rimowa. For frequent travelers who are not willing to sacrifice style, strength, and durability in one suitcase, check out the Rimowa’s Topas Cabin 34.0L. The Topas collection dates back to 1950 and features a lightweight design without sacrificing durability. The size of the Topas Cabin is also perfect for those who stack on their carry-on luggage since it is the largest official IATA-size that you can take on-board intercontinental flights. The suitcase’s aluminum alloy shell and double TSA combination lock provides maximum protection and security from weather and human interventions. The Rimowa Topas Cabin in this size retails around $880.


Louis Vuitton Leather Luggage Set


If you’re willing to go all out and invest on the best and most complete travel gear, Louis Vuitton’s multi-piece luggage set is one of the most sought-after suitcases that you should be looking at. It is comprised of four matching suitcases, a jewelry case, a wardrobe, an armoire, a cruiser bag, and a hat bag. Known for its intricate craftsmanship and excellent quality, the Louis Vuitton set gears you up for any kind of travel and any amount of personal belongings you’re taking. The pieces of luggage in the set features four multi-directional wheels for easy traveling, while effortlessly accommodating a large volume of items, all while keeping its sophisticated boxy shape. It also features a triple-lock security feature to keep your items safe and secure. The Louis Vuitton Leather Luggage set retails for $60,000.