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The Best Shoes To Pack For All Seasons

When it comes to traveling, something equally exciting about experiencing new cultures and seeing new sights is shopping for the perfect wardrobe to bring with you! In particular, shoes play a pretty important role as you know you're going to be doing a lot of walking and exploring. You're going to want to bring footwear that's weather-appropriate, comfortable, and of course, oh so stylish. 

Check out our picks for the best shoes to bring with you on your trips to foreign and exciting lands. 



For dry and warm destinations: Violet suede moccasin, also available in blue and aqua 



Let's just stop and appreciate how adorable that quilt pattern is for a little bit. Pattern aside, that pop of color added to your outfit is sure to make you a head turner as you explore museums, shopping spots, or simply stroll down the streets of your destination of choice. Suede is a tricky material to maintain and requires a special bush to keep clean, so make sure there are zero chances of rain where you're going when you take this pair on a trip. Its wide toe box and reasonable height make it a great walking shoe. 


For wet and cold destinations: Brown ankle boot in leather, also available in black and white


Adding masculine touches to an outfit has been immensely popular these days. Pair this with a parka or anorak during a fall/winter trip to a temperate country and you're not only protected from the elements, but you'll look utilitarian chic in the process. Pliable leather allow the shoe to follow the form of your foot, guaranteeing comfort all the way. 



Off White by Virgil Abloh

For dry and warm destinations: Carry over sneaker in sand 


You can't not travel with sneakers — the queen of comfort and ease when it comes to footwear. This sandy pair is a cute alternative to the ubiquitous white sneaker everyone owns, and goes very well with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and anything and everything in between. Wear it on flights; remember that our feet expand while in the air due to water retention, so these shoes' lace up feature are sure to take it easy on your feet when you put them back on for landing. 


For wet and cold destinations: Boot in bleached denim


This collab between Off White and Dr. Martens has resulted in this undoubtedly edgy boot. It's made of denim, though, so it's not recommended for snowy days when temperatures reach ungodly lows. It'll be fine for drizzly autumn afternoons and look their cutest when worn with a jegging or tights. Feel free to roam outdoor destinations with this rugged pair that doesn't shy away from its share of dirt and dust.  



For dry and warm destinations: Strappy mule in orange, also available in yellow and blue 


Nothing says summer than wearing open-toe slip-on footwear! The style is a no-brainer; it lets feet breathe during warmer temperatures and also helps you avoid getting that dreaded shoe tan when you spend hours out in the sun with your legs exposed and feet covered. This is a multi-purpose sandal that'll look great when paired with midi skirts, culottes, cut-offs, and maxi dresses. The fact that it's a slip-on also makes it a breeze to put on when you're in a hurry to leave your hotel room. 


For wet and cold destinations: Leather loafers in black 


Old-school classics are making a comeback, and this patent calfskin leather loafer embellished with silver details is a modern take them. Wear it on its own during the fall, or with tights during the winter, and you're sure to look like a bona fide fashionista. You can't go wrong with a neutral like black especially during the colder months of the year when you're more likely to dress in subdued tones. It's definitely versatile, durable, and low-maintenance; qualities you need in a shoe you're going to be wearing a lot during a trip abroad. 


Mansur Gavriel

For dry and warm destinations: Calfskin slingback heel in white, also available in more colors 


It's important that you also prepare dressier footwear when you go on a trip. You never know when a venue might call for appropriate dressing, and you definitely don't want to panic shop overseas! Check out this slingback heel by Mansur Gavriel that comes in a literal rainbow of colors (we're talking an actual ROYGBV selection) in leather and suede. While dressier than a totally flat shoe because of its pointy face, it maintains comfort with its chunky heel and sensible height. Day to night dressing is made easy with this one. 


For wet and cold destinations: Shearling ankle boot in blue, also avallable in cammello, chocolate, and black

It looks super simple from the outside, but do not underestimate this boot. It's lined with wool that essentially lets you go about town with the coziest of cozy blankets keeping your feet warm and comfortable for hours on end. Its simplicity also makes it a great socializer with the rest of your wardrobe you packed; whether you feel like accessorizing or keeping things simple, color blocking or going monochrome, wearing skirts or slipping into a pair of trousers, this boot will always be a fool proof way to level up a look. 


Pierre Hardy

For dry and warm destinations: Patent leather obi pump in red



Don't be intimidated by the word "pump;" this is still a shoe that seamlessly marries fashion and function! Some ladies prefer a bit of height during walks (and some doctors even recommend a bit of a heel when you know you're going to be standing up for a prolonged period), so this shoe is the perfect match for them. If you're like most travelers, you're going to be packing a lot of clothes with safe styles and neutral colors that easily mix and match, so having a red shoe on hand is a great way to spruce up an otherwise so-so look. 


For wet and cold destinations: Multi-toned burgundy boot with lacquered heel

Pop culture inspirations often make appearances in fashion, and this Blade Runner-inspired boot is no exception. These shoes definitely don't hide under the radar, so if you're the type to want to turn heads for your fashion sense even when you're away from home, don't leave for you trip without these. A square heel offers balance (let's not even think of walking on cobblestone with stilettos on), while its flexible calfskin leather snugly hugs your ankles to make sure that not even the coldest winter chill can nip at your skin.