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What To Do In Japan When You're With Kids

Japan is such a beautiful place to visit. You won’t find trash in the streets or sidewalk, and the people are accommodating, kind, and respectful. The best time to visit is during the Sakura time, around March to April.


Go on a food trip

The food is amazing and you don't even have to go to expensive restaurants; any hole in the wall will do. There are also themed restaurants (e.g., Samurai restaurant, robot restaurant). Know more about their culture through their parks, shrines, and temples.


Explore the best cities

Cross the busiest street in the world (Shibuya Crossing), explore the Tokyo Tower, and go shopping at Ginza and Akihabara.


Do kid-friendly activities

  • Visit Yamashiroya—a 5-floor toy store for kids and adults.
  • Take a trip to Kiddieland in Harajuku
  • Take a trip to the Ueno Zoo is also a fun place
  • Check out is Disney Sea. 
  •  A must-see is the Tokyo Skytree, but be sure to book online and go there early; get the fast pass!
  • Take a trip to Odabia, where you’ll see the Statue of Liberty, Toyota Museum, Fuji TV Building, Gundam Statue, Venus Fort, and ride the Ferris Wheel. You can stay one night in this area. 
  •  Most stores in Japan have an area for kids to play in while mommy shops. 


Travel tips

  • Get a visa. If you’re with a baby and only staying in one area, bring a stroller. Some places require a lot of walking, plus, it can double as your shopping cart. But if you’re going to take the train, better bring a baby carrier as some trains have no elevator or escalator. 
  • It’s easy to book a taxi, and they also have Uber as well as translators in cabs, and you can use credit cards.
  • Bring an extra of everything when you travel—diapers, clothes, wipes, a toy or two, tissue, hand disinfectant. For some reason, it’s hard to find diapers in Japan unless you really go to a grocery store. 


Photos from Andi Manzano-Reyes